Pump Up the Volume

This Sonos review is meant to give you some inspiration if you are looking for the perfect gift for someone special – whether that special person is you or a loved one!

I bought Sonos for my husband’s birthday/Christmas combo gift (he’s a Christmas Eve baby). He had specifically asked for it, or I never would have known about it. Three years later he still gives a demo to every person who walks into our home, because it is that cool.

Sonos is a wireless speaker with great quality sound that allows you to play music streamed directly from the internet. If that sounds complicated to you, then you are more like me. I had no idea what Sonos was when we bought it, but I do have to admit that it is a lot of fun – especially on the weekends when we can crank up the music.

Love You Like a Love Song

Sonos has a variety of cool products, but the first speaker to buy is either the Play 3 or Play 5. We have the Play 5 in white and it looks great in the house. It is a little pricey, but if you have a music lover in your life it’s worth the investment. The easy installation combined with high quality sound make it worth paying a little more – better than having something cheaper that sits around gathering dust because it’s too difficult to setup!

Sonos - Pump Up the Volume
Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Whenever, Wherever

We have used Spotify for a while to stream music, but Sonos takes it to a whole new level with the fantastic (and wireless!) sound. Streaming music from the internet is fun in itself – having so much music available immediately is amazing. Having it available on a wireless speaker is the icing on the cake & also a great party trick. You can (and will!) spend hours playing any obscure song you can think of – past or present, from all genres and every part of the world.

Whether you prefer to use Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, Sirius or any of the other host of streaming sites, the Sonos All-in-One Wireless Music Player not only accommodates them but does so in an incredibly user-friendly way by integrating the functionality directly into a single application.

Been a while since you’ve treated yourself or your loved one? Sonos is a great reason to splurge.