Sons of Anarchy Season One

Sons of Anarchy Season One

SAMCRO on DVD, Season One Series Review

The Sons of Anarchy is a show worth buying and watching. The FX cable show gained fast popularity, and controversy. The Sons of Anarchy is about the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Originals aka SAMCRO. The plot revolves around the outlaw motorcycle club (MC) who lives in small-town Charming, CA. Through excellent writing by Kurt Sutter (creator, producer and screenwriter) the show tells the story of an outlaw MC. He brings their struggles to our lap each episode and splits open the lives of SAMCRO members through their families, love, trials and tribulations, guilt, mistakes, camaraderie, power, violence, testosterone and more.

Sons of Anarchy Conflict and Controversy

The Sons of Anarchy (SOA) was quickly controversial. Real outlaw motorcycle clubs like the Hells Angels ride the fringes of society while living in its midst, a back-burner concept throughout the television show. In the first episode of the Sons of Anarchy (season 1), the audience was introduced via physical and emotional violence and conflict. The Sons of Anarchy is action-packed, emotionally charged, socially critical, and brilliantly written.

From its start the Sons of Anarchy has been criticized from every angle. Some disgruntled Sons of Anarchy viewers think it is not realistic enough. These folks may be MC members seeing fiction downplay them; individuals who have dealt with MC members and carry their painful truth and grit; or those who think the show needs to refrain from creating likable characters. Some people just don't want a show like this on tv because it draws scrutiny. With MC clubs there's always bones buried, whether in the ground or a secret closet of skeletons. Bleached hands carry blood just the same as those never washed.

There are others who think the Sons of Anarchy sensationalizes outlaw behavior. Sensationalism can tempt the foolish into trying the behaviors. This camp thinks the show is approval of the behavior. Others believe the SOA show is just unrealistic. One Sons of Anarchy review called the show stupid saying, "in the real world these men would all be in jail". Really, who is stupid? In the real world these cases are hard to stick because of the intimidation, money, influence, violent persuasiveness, and power. The average person lives in a clueless bubble.

Sons of Anarchy TV Critics

To the Sons of Anarchy critics I have to ask what you want? There are over the top scenes in the Sons of Anarchy as there are pieces that are extremely downplayed. It is television. For an FX cable show it's edgy. I'd rather have this show on FX than Showtime or HBO. The Sons of Anarchy is not an outlaw motorcycle club documentary. It is entertainment. With entertainment television comes inaccuracies, but less with this show than many others. The one area that is not fully developed in the Sons of Anarchy, Season One is the relationship between club members and women. It shows women who are hangers on, groupies hoping to be chosen as an "old lady", but not "property of ___" biker vests, etc. This may change in later episodes.

To the Sons of Anarchy naysayers wasting time with online critical reviews of a lifestyle they know nothing about claiming its unreal, read a book. Just look up the Hells Angels or 1% patches.

Sons of Anarchy Written by Kurt Sutter

Kurt Sutter's writing is amazing. He is an envelope pusher who will twist your guts with unexpected plot changes and excellent characters who are not always staying for the sake of ratings. One Sons of Anarchy episode is not enough to see his brilliance. Watch the Sons of Anarchy for its drama, innuendo and brilliant writing. Kurt Sutter spent time with actual MC members to make sure the show is authentic. At the end of each episode people are left with their own interpretations and internal morality to battle. Consider that a gift.

Kurt Sutter writes believable characters. One of the main characters is Jax played by Charlie Hunnam, a young good looking man caught in the club's ethics. The Sons of Anarchy does a phenomenal job using subtle soft emotional or poignant points in the show to reveal the heartbeat of its characters. The ability to take a hard and sometimes ruthless man and momentarily crack him open emotionally is beautiful. That is real. It is fiction imitating life. The Sons of Anarchy is excellent if you are interested in screen writing.

Sons of Anarchy is a Top TV Series

The SOA is a top TV series. It's fiction, but viewers still relate. The life portrayed is underground, but home for many. The Sons of Anarchy shows men doing things society condemns and we root for them. Similar to Dexter in a way that the viewer winds up liking the "villain" and creating conflict through the show. SAMCRO members are cute, passionate, protective of their family, and brave in many ways. They embody positive attributes not usually associated with "bad men". It's this human conflict that makes the show work so well. This is carried on to SOA Season 2 and 3.

The Sons of Anarchy Season 1 is definitely worth watching. It's a top 10 list of all time favorite tv shows. I didn't watch it when it first came out because I thought it would sensationalize violence that's rarely talked about openly. It is now one of my favorites. Watch it from the beginning. Buy the Sons of Anarchy Season One and start watching.