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Sons of Anarchy, Season 2 Review

Sons of Anarchy Season 2

(this SOA review is not a spoiler)

The Sons of Anarchy Season 2 was excellent. The Sons of Anarchy, a cable show on the FX network, has been under a lot of scrutiny since it first aired. In short, the Sons of Anarchy (SOA) plot is about bikers. But, for those who watch it and become part of the plot, it is about much more. The show's critics claim it sensationalizes outlaw motorcycle clubs (MC) and lacks reality. For someone who has only watched one episode and quickly judged it may seem that way. As with most things they have a very short window of time to catch someone's attention, reeling them it or pushing them away. From the very first episode of Season One, the Sons of Anarchy has me hooked. The Sons of Anarchy is also referred to as SAMCRO or the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Originals. This review is not a spoiler. 

SOA Season 2 Review - Top TV Series

The Sons of Anarchy, Season 2 is great. If you are looking for a Sons of Anarchy merchandise or memorabilia there are cool SAMCRO shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, shot glasses, Zippos, and other cool items.  The Sons of Anarchy is excellent television. The FX Network show is excellent cable television. After watching Season One, SOA fans are invested in the characters choosing their favorites, and sometimes the characters chose their fans. Every book, movie, or t.v. show has a conflict theme and there are many in the Sons of Anarchy. The main character Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) is hounded by his father's memory and SAMCRO memoir. Throughout the entire FX show you see the internal conflict over being in an outlaw MC. Through Jax's turmoil SOA fans are drawn in and forced to think along with him. If you think the show is controversial or condones outlaw behavior you've not watched closely or long enough. The Sons of Anarchy never says this is an acceptable way to live, only that it is a way some are living.

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In SOA, Season 2, the MC gets into a long and vicious power struggle with an Aryan group/gang. The battle between SAMCRO and the Aryans (aka white power groups) is a very unique plot for an FX network show. Too often the media skips the bad deeds of white gangs opting for a darker face of crime. The Sons of Anarchy puts a new face on criminal behavior--white men.

Outlaw MC charters are all over the world. So are white power hate groups who hide conspicuously in open society covered by their pale skin. White supremacy didn’t end with Hitler. The KKK learned white robes and hoods brought too much heat so they reorganized and opted for suits and ties, jeans and t-shirts. In Europe and the U.S. these groups are very strong and organized. Some are underground and others are in-your-face violent. In Season 2, SOA members run up against the Aryan Brotherhood (AB), a prison gang started years ago in San Quentin.

The Sons of Anarchy are white men in conflict with the Aryans. White on white crime is rarely, if ever, actually discussed as a problem. The SOA vs Aryans story line is true to life. SOA fans see that white power groups front for illegal businesses using color as a cloak.

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The Sons of Anarchy is entertainment television, drama. It has you think about race even if you aren't paying attention to it. The FX network has excellent programming and hit a home run with the Sons of Anarchy. Kurt Sutter's writing is phenomenal and the actors--Kurt Sutter, Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perlman, Katey Segal--are superb. Otherwise watching SAMCRO members continuously break the law, threaten and torment others, bribe and coerce law enforcement, run guns, dabble in adult film, and pursue other illegal endeavors pushing ethics wouldn't fly.

Subtle emotional or poignant points in the show are used to reveal the heartbeat of its characters. Cracking open a hard and sometimes ruthless man momentarily is real life. The FX Network did a good job hiring its crew, the reaper crew, for such a great show. The Sons of Anarchy Season 2 is fiction backed by research. There are definitely SOA fans who relate to what they're watching on FX.

The Sons of Anarchy shows that sometimes bad dudes can be nice guys. This is the conflict. Not only are they nice guys, but they're attractive, funny, compassionate, passionate, family oriented, protective, and brave, carrying positive attributes society is not supposed to associate with criminals. The human conflict in the Sons of Anarchy makes the show excellent. Whether you like the deeper story or not buy SOA Season 2 and enjoy.

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