Sony Chose ‘Perfect Day’ For PlayStation 4 Debut
Credit: Bloomberg

Finally, the time has arrived when the much-awaited console of the new generation, PlayStation 4 is being launched. For the advertisements of the new console, the background music that was chosen Sony Corp was ‘Perfect Day’ of Lou Reed. Kazuo Hirai, the Chief Executive Officer of the company needs the introduction to happen without any hitches or problems as he has made the upcoming console the centerpiece of a corporate turnaround strategy. The much-needed momentum that the company needs after posting a surprise loss in the second quarter last month would be provided by robust sales of the PlayStation 4.

The Tokyo based company would stand to generate billions of dollars from the TV shows, movies, games and music if enough people not only buy the video-game console, but also get the $50 PlayStation service for the year. Hirai is one week ahead of its rival Microsoft Corp that will start selling its own console, the pricier Xbox One from November 22nd. According to analysts, gamers have simply become tired of their old consoles like the PlayStation 3 that they have had for six to seven years, especially considering that the Xbox One costs a 100 bucks more than the new Sony device.

Thus, the price tag of Sony at $399, when compared to $499 that’s being charged for the Xbox One gives Sony advantage over its competitors. It is expected by the analysts that the forecast of 5 million sales that has been made by Sony till the end of March is inaccurate as the console is expected to be sold out by the end of January. Different pitches are being employed by the top two combatants in the gaming industry that’s worth $93 billion-a-year for enticing holiday shoppers into buying devices that are very similar from the inside. With the memory and processor obtained from Advanced Micro Devices that’s based in Sunnyvale, California, a PC-like design has been used for making the PS and it is very similar to the Xbox One.

Sony also released some new details about the console a few days ago to spark an interest among gamers. As per the latest updates, a faster and newer type of memory is being employed by Sony that could help the company in winning over the hardcore game players because it would provide an edge in graphics. The firm is also making efforts in wooing independent developers, which will eventually end up benefitting it in the long run. The promotional video for the PlayStation 4 shows off two gamers who are singing ‘Perfect Day’ while they are immersed in the world of different games such as the ‘Killzone Shadow Fall’ and ‘DriveClub’. Both Microsoft and Sony are responding to the shift that has occurred in the video game industry, especially the loss of players and gamers to mobile phones and tablets.

In order to boost sales, the two companies are now offering patrons of the gaming industry two powerful and web-connected consoles that have the ability of providing entertainment and games such as music, films and TV. This is a huge opportunity for Sony to establish their own essence until Microsoft’s console is out.