The Sony DSCW570 Cyber-shot digital camera is a new product from the well-known Japanese manufacturer. The Sony DSCW570 Cyber-shot includes a 16.1 megapixel sensor, 5 times optical zoom and a 2.7-inch LCD screen. The camera is available for around £100 in the United Kingdom or $125 in the United States. In this article have a review of the Sony DSCW570 Cyber-shot to see if it offers good value for money.


The specification of the Sony DSCW570 Cyber-shot includes:

  • 16.1 megapixel sensor
  • 5 times optical zoom
  • 2.7 inch LCD
  • Panorama mode
  • Face detection
  • 720 p HD video recording

Image performance

The image performance of the Sony DSCW570 Cyber-shot digital camera is good for this sort of camera. The camera is reported to focus quickly in daylight but like many cameras, may take longer to focus and take photographs at night or at dusk. The camera also has a blink detector function that is useful when taking large family photos to avoid going home with an image where people haven't got their eyes open.

The cyber shot only offers 720 p video recording rather than the full 1080 p. Very few people will be able to notice the difference between these two video formats, even though 720 p takes up a lot less space on the memory card. It takes video at 30 frames per second and also offers recording of stereo sound.

Design and ergonomics

The design of the Sony DSCW570 Cyber-shot is like most conventional compact cameras. It offers a slim rectangular body with curved edges. This Cyber-shot has a large 2.7-inch screen and buttons to control most of the functions very quickly. One of the only problems is that the battery cover can be a little difficult to use, although that is only a complaint from a few people.

Other aspects

The W570 is available in black, pink or gunmetal grey. A rechargeable battery pack, rather than using AA or triple-A batteries, powers the camera and only one battery included in the box although you can buy more if required. 


  • 16.1 megapixel sensor
  • 5 times optical zoom
  • Features like blink detection when taking photos
  • High quality Carl Zeiss lens


  • Uses rechargeable battery pack rather than triple-A or AA batteries
  • Only 720 p video recording rather than 1080 p
  • Some have said the battery cover is fiddly to use

Is the Sony DSCW570 Cyber-shot digital camera for you?

The Sony DSCW570 Cyber-shot digital camera is a good high quality Sony product. I think it offers good value for money although there is a lot of competition at this price range and for this kind of product. If you want to take photos of your kids or general photography, you wont go far wrong with a camera like this.


 As ever before you buy any new product, you should try to see it in a store in order to handle and test it. A good camera shop should have this model or something similar from Sony. When you go to try out this camera you should test the ergonomics to make sure that you can take photographs comfortably, and hold the camera and use the buttons without any discomfort. You should also test how quickly the camera is to take photos and whether you like the look of the photographs. You can find example photos and videos by searching Flickr or YouTube. These photos can show how well the camera takes photos in different environments under real life settings. 

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Have you bought the Sony DSCW570 Cyber-shot digital camera? Do you think it was a good purchase? Would you buy it again? Please help others by leaving a comment below.