Sony Digital Reader PRS-700


- Has a backlight for reading in the dark or not well lit places.
- Touch screen.
- Sleek, light, and small.
- Upgradeable with the SD card and Memory Stick Pro.
- Able to play MP3


- More expensive than other e-readers
- No Wi-Fi
- Backlight eats battery life.

Full Review

Sony's PRS-700 Reader e-book has some very distinct improvements over the previous models like the PRS-505. The most important advance is an integrated LED backlight, which now allows you to read in a dark room or low lit area. Sony claims that the light can shine for eight hours of reading on one charge. It is a great added bonus, but also its negative as well. Because, the main point of having an e-reader is the battery life that is supposed to last for weeks of reading. Because E Ink is a passive reflective, and not an active screen technology, it doesn't require the constant backlighting that a laptop screen does, giving it longer lasting battery life. However, one need aspect of the light is it turns on when you need it, and turns off when you don't. The Sony Digital Reader has memory card slot, which uses either SD or Memory Stick Pro. Font size can be adjusted with a single button push, and reads most files including PDF and Word files, image files, and also plays MP3 and AAC audio as well. The battery life is about 2 weeks.

The screen light is an added bonus, however the Sony e-reader now has a touch screen. This is a great improvement from the other models. The refresh rate on the PRS-700 seems to be faster than other similar models like the Kindle, however, it is still relatively slow to react to touch, causing the device to respond to gestures a second after you're done making them. A touch across the page from right to left, will make the page turn. However, because of the delay, it doesn't turn immediately. The delay creates an issue because of the reaction between your movements and the machine's response. There is also the issue of it not having Wi-Fi. Both the Kindle and the Nook have WiFi, and not having it is somewhat of a hindrance, because you have to upload your e-books via USB.

All in all though, it is a nice looking e-reader, and gives you the feel of reading a real book. It is compact, portable, and with the backlight, a great reader.

In Closing

Its a great machine, with plenty of wow to it. It is sleek, book like, and the touch screen and back light is a huge bonus.