Sony Erricsson YariThe Sony Ericsson Yari is an unusual little phone. Catered toward entertainment and fun, it has a wealth of games and other goodies to consider. While its design does have a few odd tweaks and flaws, overall it's a good try, and the novelty of it is indeed original.


Tiny and slender, the Yari fits nicely in the palm of your hand. Its 2.4 inch TFT QVGA 262K colour screen is a bit smaller than we would have liked, but it's not so small that it's an inconvenience. Bright and vivid, the screen is perfect for playing games on, especially with the phone's speedy accelerometer to keep things running smoothly. Be sure to check out your favourites at the PlayNow store! That aside, our only main complaint when it comes to its exterior design is its flat, difficult to use buttons.

As for its user interface, this phone is not unlike a Wii controller in that you can play tennis, boxing, and other games through a series of gestures. The phone uses its camera to register your movements. While this is appealing for drunken parties or for the odd lost bet, many find that waving your phone in this way is simply too embarrassing to simply play while waiting for the bus or in a queue line for the loo.


Alas, the sound quality for the Yari is quite dim, both for calls, music, and gaming. Worse still, its proprietary headphone jack means you can't use your own headset without the use of an adapter. However, it does try to redeem itself by equipping a Bluetooth stereo, an FM radio, and a music player as well as TrackID, PlayNow, MegaBass, and SensMe. In the long run, though, having flashy apps and widgets doesn't mean much if you can't hear anything.


Equipped with 5 megapixels, a LED photo light, 4 x digital zoom, autofocus, face detection, geo tagging, and much more, its camera is certainly well designed. While its photo light isn't quite as strong as a flash, it's still adequate enough for most dim to well lit areas. The video camera also comes with its own streaming capabilities, video calling, blogging features, and much more.

Internet Capabilities:

When it comes to internet connectivities, you're left with something of a mixedbag. The downside is that there is no wi-fi. However, you do getBluetooth, USB, EDGE, and 3G HDSPA instead. You also get quad band technology, which makes it easy to use the phone wherever you travel. Alas, even predictive text can't make using its flat, tiny keypad any easier, however.

Memory and Talk Time:

With only 10 hours of talk time and 450 hours of standby, this is a phone that will keep you chained to the wall as far as charging goes. However, its 60MB of space, complete with microSD card, gives you enough to store your texts, photos, and emails.


The Sony Ericsson Yari has made an honest attempt at creating the ultimate gaming phone. Its immediate access to PlayNow, its fairly reliable internet, and even its odd little gesture based games are all interesting and amusing. Combine this with its well equipped camera and bright screen and you have a fairly well developed phone. However, its lack of wi-fi and dim sound may turn others off. If you can afford to have this phone as a spare, however, its redeeming qualities may be put to good use that way.