The History

The PSP is a popular handheld game console that offers its users many multimedia possibilities. Whether you want to listen to music, play games, or just sit back and watch a movie. All these features and more make the PSP line of handhelds great buys for those looking to bring their entertainment along with them. The first PSP was released back in 2005 in North America, and since then two other iterations have appeared in hopes of providing gamers the best entertainment capabilities a handheld can give. Sony plans to release another PSP, the NGP, that'll hopefully bring new features and capabilities for handheld gamers worldwide. I'll discuss some specifications about that further in the article. Sony has continued to perfect their handheld games, even making changes mid-generation to better accommodate their customers. The PSP was redesigned to make it a lighter and thinner product leading to massive sales increases worldwide. Sony making their devices a bit more compact proves to be successful which is why they came out with the PSP Go.

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The PSP Go doesn't have a UMD drive which allows users to insert miniature game discs, but instead it offers 16GB of storage space, same as a USB flash drive, and an even thinner design. As technology continues to advance, things continue to get smaller and weigh less to make it more convenient to carry around. Remember those huge cell phones back in the day? Yeah, the gaming industry is headed in the same direction. The PSP Go offers Wii-Fi, USB and Bluetooth connectivity making it able to compete with other handheld devices in the market. The games themselves are downloadable and with the USB port, you can have on file as many games as your heart desires without needing a bunch of discs. This would be great if they had more games, but since the PSP Go is sort of lacking in game titles, people still prefer the latest Nintendo DS handhelds.

Xperia Play

Finding the best PSP for sale means researching what features you want and which ones you can do without. Sony has branched out a little and has introduced the Xperia Play which is basically a smartphone with an Android OS and a slideout gamepad. Technically, it's not a PSP, but sort of an evolution of the handheld console. It essentially combines a PSP console with a phone including apps and everything you'd see on other smartphones. The slide-out controller has touch sensitive analog pads to save room, it also has directional pads and the four iconic buttons you see on every other PS controller. The Xperia Play comes with pre-loaded games, but also allows you to download games from the internet. 512MB of RAM gives you a lot of room to store stuff with and an Adreno 205 GPU makes everything look nice on the screen. This is a decent flagship smartphone for those who want their multiple entertainment desires squeezed into one device. It can also take neat videos and photos to capture sights and sounds if so desired.

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Other Sony handhelds include the NGP (next generation portable) which Sony boasts will have superior graphics, better internal hardware and a touch display making it an attractive contender in the handheld gaming market. You can pretty much do everything you could on the PSP 3000, but with extra features. Some of those features include better internet connectivity with Wii-Fi and 3G, plus the motion sensing ability like gyroscope, accelerometer and electronic compass. There's also backward compatibility with older PSP games and PS one classics. They've increased the screen size from 4.3 inches to a 5 inch organic light emitting display (OLED). Many people suspected that the screen size would increase (it always does), some even thought it might turn into an iPad situation, but that's not the case. It's still easy to carry and looks and feels like a PSP handheld.

What's next

This company continues to improve their handheld game devices each generation. For now, only They and Nintendo are competing in the handheld market, there's really no indication that Microsoft is developing a device that'll satisfy portable gamers. But I do have to give it to them for being extremely experimental. As of right now, there are no Nintendo or Xbox 360 phones available on the market. Which will prove to be a good business move as they may have found themselves a nice little niche market in the smartphone arena with its game capabilities. We'll see how it does as time passes.

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