If you have a house full of blu-ray discs and want to upgrade your home entertainment system, then you have probably noticed that many of the new systems don’t play blu-ray but the Sony home theater system does.

That is one of the attractions to this Sony product,  is that although many features have been upgraded to higher technology,  it has built on the older systems in that it will still play many of the discs you still have in your collection.

Will Play Your Blu-Ray Discs

There is nothing more disappointing then trying to upgrade your entertainment systems only to find out you will have to replace all your discs or DVDs in order to use it.  This just creates waste, so to be able to get a system that will accommodate the Blu-ray and actually have it look clearer than before is a great bonus with this product.

Sony Home Theater SystemCredit: Amazon.com

Sony BDVN790W Blu-ray Home Theater Systems Many of the other systems would require you to run out and buy a separate player in addition to the package, this Sony home theater system has everything you need to play your discs right away.

Incredible Surround Sound

So what’s the best feature on this product?  Other than the fact it plays the blu-ray still it has complete surround sound that means you will get quality HD and you will also get HDMI or high definition multimedia interface (just remember HDMI is a good thing!)

You get a much better picture with this product, and you don’t have to worry about picking the right option, it will do it for you. (this type of system works best for someone like me who needs these things to be simple!)  This means no more confusion! 

So, even though the technology allows for more and more applications, it is still easy to use and very user friendly!  The speakers, once they are setup just right will deliver total surround sound just as if you are there.  There is also a rear sub-woofer that takes out any “clutter” noise that may be on your movies.

You can watch your collection of standard blu-ray discs or the newer blu-ray 3D2 and it will even play standard DVD to HD quality.  This is a great package to consider for your home entertainment fun.

Amazing Sony Home Theater System

I personally have always liked Sony products, and this is great way to upgrade and yet still use the accessories you already own, such as the older blu-ray discs or DVDs.

It will also improve an internet connection for better picture and sound quality from online entertainment sites with its built in Wi-Fi.

This Sony home theater system has many amazing qualities, and it all depends on your needs and what you are looking for, but if you want state of the art quality, but yet the ability to play your older movies and still look and sound great then consider this for a great home entertainment system for your home theater setup.  It is all in one package.

You can get these in many quality audio stores, but you can get amazing deals online at sites such as Amazon and many times free shipping so that it simply shows up at your door!

Best Sony Home Theatre System

Sony BRAVIA DAV-DZ170 Home Theater System
Amazon Price: $249.99 $227.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 26, 2013)