Product Review For The Sony MDR-7506 Headphones

The Pros, Cons and Buyer Suggestions

Sony MDR-7506

Every musician, producer, audio engineer or audiophile knows how important a solid pair of headphones can be.  There's a myriad of choices out there, from the expensive, professional grade, noise-cancelling, battery powered sets to the basic, affordable ones.  It's important to consider your needs and options in order to make an informed decision.  

The Sony MDR-7506 are one of the most popular headphone models.  They've been around for years and can be found in countless home and professional studios all over the world.  They are dependable and affordable.


  • Extremely durable -- you can drop these bad boys on the floor with no consequences
  • Accurate sound reproduction
  • Moderate noise cancellation
  • Affordable (one of the best values in the $80-200 range)
  • Comfortable -- they are light and padded, so they won't hurt your ears or give you a headache after extended use


  • Response is not "flat" -- you should not expect to be able to mix with these, as your mix will not translate well to other playback sources (Note: for mixing, you really need a top-notch pair of studio monitors)
  • Sound bleeds and out -- these headphones do not cancel out noise completely, and sound will spill out if you have the volume turned up (Note: this is not necessarily a bad thing; I personally prefer headphones that let some sound in, especially for recording drums)

Looking at the pros and cons of the Sony MDR-7506 headphones, you can see clearly that they are a quality product and worth the investment.  Whether you need some great headphones for recording or just want to listen to your favorite music in a while new way, the MDR-7506s are a solid choice.