With a pair of Sony MDR-NC6 Noise Cancellation Headphones, you are going to not only listen to your favorite songs without distraction in a noisy environment but also sleep well when you are commuting to and from work.

Reduction of exterior noise by over 70%

Sony MDR-NC6 Noise Cancellation Headphones are effective in reducing background noise by more than 70% which is 10 dB at 300 Hz to be exact. This great function enables users to enjoy their movies or songs regardless of the noisy environment.

Slim DesignSony MDR-NC6 Noise Cancellation Headphones

With a slim swivel folding design, Sony MDR-NC6 Noise Cancellation Headphones are easy to be stored. And they are light in weight as well which is an extremely important feature so you'll not suffer from neck pain even after soaking yourself in the world of music for too long.

Value for money

While bringing all the benefits to you, the noise cancellation headphones are really good for the price they are asking for. The materials they are used to be made of are of good qualities.

On/ off switch

Since you may not need the noise reduction function all the time, Sony MDR-NC6 Noise Cancellation Headphones have an on/ off switch for you to utilize so that when you do not need the function, you can simply switch it off and continue to use the earphones like an ordinary one without using energy. This function is both environmentally and economical friendly.

Use it for 30 hours with 1 AAA battery

With one AAA battery inside, the earpieces let you sink in the music for 30 hours roughly without the distraction of noise. And if you don't need the noise reduction function to be on, you can always switch the function off and the earphone will just function very properly still. So you can save your battery when you really need it.Sony MDR-NC6 Noise Cancellation Headphones 2 (19739)

Standard accessories

As a standard package, the earphones go with a soft carrying case and an airplane adapter plug so the set is ideal for use on the go.

As a tool to keep you asleep

As we all understand the more rest we can get, the better we can perform at work, you can use your Sony MDR-NC6 Noise cancellation headphones to let yourself fall into sleep easily even on a train during rush hours.

If you are looking for a pair of noise canceling headphones within the budget of $40-$100, this pair of earphones would be the perfect choice. By wearing a pair of Sony MDR-NC6 Noise canceling headphones, sound from the outside world can be reduced a lot so that you can dwell in your music world.