As one of the member of studio monitor series, Sony MDR-V500DJ DJ Style Headphones offer you a way to experience music anywhere at a professional level yet with an affordable price tag.

Durable quality headphones

Sony MDR-V500DJ DJ Style Headphones  (20242)

This pair of earphones is unbelievably long lasting. The quality materials make the Sony MDR-V500DJ DJ Style Headphones much more lasting than you think they can remain intact with you. Many earpieces out on the market can just last for a year or two but this one is different. This audio gear can last for years so it really is worth the money you spent on it.

Gold-plated plugs and neodymium magnets

The stereo mini-plug and the UniMatch phone plug are all gold-plated to allow sound to transmit fully and exactly the way they should be so the sound quality is much more defined and precise. And the gold-plated treatment also helps prevent the plugs from corroding and let sound deliver without the disturbance of noise. The neodymium magnets are very small in size but still powerful enough to let you have minimum distraction wile enjoying music via Sony MDR-V500DJ DJ Style Headphones.

Sony MDR-V500DJ DJ Style Headphones

Good sound quality, especially the bass

Paying a price like this, you would definitely happy with the way your music can be played inside your ear canals which is so lovely. If you have heard sound through Sony MDR-V300, the difference would be noticeable, especially the bass sound.

For music lovers who like single-sided monitoring

With swivel earcups, you are able to use the earpieces for single-sided monitoring. Since the headphones are designed to be reversible, you can easily use the earphones for on-shoulder use.

Light compact design

Sony MDR-V500DJ DJ Style Headphones are foldable earphones that this function allows them to be easily stored in your drawer taking up litter space. The headphones can also be put in your backpack for daily use so you can carry the audio gear no matter where you are.

May not be good for big heads

If your head is rather big comparing to others, you may have to think twice before you hand your credit card out to the salesperson as though the earphones provide good sound quality, you ears may love it and hate it at the same time for the reason that the headphones tend to get a steady position on your head by claming your ears a bit too hard which eventually causes you pain. OK. The earpieces actually clamp too hard so they may fit for small heads but not big ones.

In conclusion, Sony MDR-V500DJ DJ Style Headphones are good for the daily use of quality sound seekers.