Sony Plasma TV has the newest model out in the market. Sony has always been known as the name that makes the loudest noise so to speak, when it comes to digital product innovations.

When people think about quality it's none other than this particular name. The name has earned that respect coming from all the people who supports their product because from the very first day, it gave nothing but its best to its faithful customers.

The commitment of Sony to develop products using only the latest technology along with the hippest and the trendiest styles and designs, led to the creation of a plasma TV which is the new Sony PFM-42X1.

The new product of Sony offers the greatest plasma performance and series of advanced unique features. Sony PFM-42X1 has a very slim profile, exceptionally good performance and more improved features.

Sony's newest product the Sony Plasma TV PFM-42X1 is considered the best plasma TV ever. It stands as the slimmest plasma TV you'll ever find available in the market.

Screen size is 42 inches with the highest pixel resolution reaching up to 1024 x 1024 pixels. Sony PFM-42X1 also features a 16:9 aspect ratio that offers optimum image display.

The contrast ratio featured by Sony PFM-42X1 is 3000:1 and supports 16.77 millions of color display. Featured as well is the high quality of its brightness that allows the images and the pictures to be displayed with the perfect colors and natural texture.

The image display is the most important feature on a plasma television, with the advanced features used by Sony PFM-42X1; you'll only experience high-quality picture and images displayed with multicolored beauty.

Other advanced features you'll find with Sony PFM-42X1 include NTSC tuner; Progressive Scan; Colour Temperature Control; Close Caption Decoder and PIP or Picture-in-Picture.

The Image Retention Reduction featured on Sony PFM-42X1 comes with 'Multi Mode Picture Orbit', White Screen, Timers, Background, Auto Wide Mode, Smart Fan Technology, Power Save and Picture Inversion.

Sony PFM-42X1 also has Anti-Reflective and Anti-Glare in its Screen Protector feature, as well as Superior Panel. The screen life of Sony PFM-42X1 is 60,000 hours. It has Analogue and Digital Inputs (DVI-HDCP).

There are also Flexible Option Boards and Stereo Speaker Capability with two integrated speakers. The product also offers series of terminals for input and output ports, as well as decoders, tuners and a lot more.

The newest Sony Plasma TV which is the Sony PFM-42X1 is the slimmest panel plasma television in the market today, offering you the perfect home theater for your family.

Enjoy sharper, clearer and life-like images with this newest product. It is the newest attraction for plasma TV enthusiast. With its exceptionally advanced features and high-leveled performance, Sony PFM-42X1 is really the best.