Being able to take picture of your kids under water as well as above is a really cool option with the Sony Waterproof Camera.

It is certified waterproof for up to 16 feet under water (so not the camera for deep sea diving but great for the backyard pool or at the beach!) dust proof, and even shock proof (for when you drop it out of your purse!) up to a 5 foot drop.

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Slim Built – This camera is very slim as well as rugged, you would think something this rugged would be big and bulky, but it is not, and it fits nicely into a pocket or even your small purse so you can take pictures of your night on the town even if you left the bigger purse at home.

Sony Waterproof Camera

Temperature extremes – It will also tolerate temperature extremes up to 104 degrees F. making this a great camera to plunge into the cooler waters of the pool and yet still take great pictures out of the water on that hot summer day or while on vacation.

Touch Screen - This is basically a great point and shoot camera.  Very user friendly with a wide 3 inch touch screen so you can show off your latest pictures with the simple touch of the screen.

16.2 Mega Pixel – for good definition, but it is not complicated to use.  It will filter out anything that would cause graininess and adjusts to the lighting, so even if you don’t feel you normally take the best pictures, then you will notice a big difference with this Sony camera.

Panorama View – If you are on holiday and would like to take a panoramic view you no longer have to keep taking pictures and sticking them together, once you set it up for the “isweep panorama” setting, this Sony camera will do the rest for you.

All you have to do is press the shutter and slowly pan the landscape and it will do the rest, by automatically linking together each frame to make a gorgeous panoramic view, and will help to prevent subject distortion.  This is perfect for those great sunsets or top of the mountain views.

Face Technology – this Sony waterproof camera will instantly adjust to the faces in the view to get the best shot and focus without you having to fuss with anything on the settings.  This is a very user friendly camera, especially for anyone like me, who simply wants to point and shoot and get great pictures without fussing too much with settings.

Waterproof – Just think of the fun you will have adding to your photo albums pictures of the kids swimming underwater.  You can also take movies of your fun.

This Sony Waterproof camera can go from water to out touring and is small and user friendly, this would make the perfect gift for friends and family as well as yourself.

You can purchase these at most fine camera stores, but you can get some pretty good deals online at sites such as Amazon.  It is worth checking online as the assortment is much larger.

Best Sony Waterproof Cameras