Sony KDL26L5000 Bravia LCD HDTV is the first HDTV I have bought after a long time. I have been using a normal CRT TV so far but my kids have been pestering me to get this TV for about two months and I got it to satisfy them. I finally came to know that this TV has an amazing picture quality and is very compact for my home.

I was able to set it up in less than 20 minutes without having many difficulties. The internal speakers are good but I have been using the home theater speakers with Dolby surround sound which I have already. The TV comes with a DVI port which allows us to connect it with our PC and use it as a monitor. The performance is very good and the price is also reasonable. It is advisable to purchase a HDMI cable for the set in case if we have a compatible satellite box. I would strongly recommend the Sony KDL26L5000 Bravia LCD HDTV to people who are looking for an average sized compact set with perfect picture quality for using in their bedroom.

Sony is by far by favorite brand and even the CRT TV which I have been using earlier was my favorite which I bought in 1988 around 20 years back. Sony continues to be the excellent provided of best picture quality. I played the GTA 4 and Resident Evil 5 video games with the TV by connecting my PS3 to one of the HDMI ports and the performance was really superb since the screen refresh rate is high. The only thing I am did not get as expected was the headphone jack adapters. If they were provided, it would have been much better. There are some distortions while watching the OTA digital broadcasts but I am sure that the problem would be with the RCA antenna which I bought. I bought a swiveling stand separately to place the TV.

My kids have been really happy after purchase of this TV and they keep watching movies and playing games with the PS3 always. The reliability and sleek design of the Sony KDL26L5000 Bravia LCD HDTV is definitely appreciable. The viewing angle is wide and the colors and contrast are much better. The menu is user-friendly and the remote control is also easy to use for my kids. The menu shows the different active devices which are connected while changing the inputs and we can switch between PC or DVD player or PS3 whenever we need by just a button click in the remote. Sony KDL26L5000 Bravia LCD HDTV is a good TV to purchase.