Did you overdo it in the sun? Ouch! Sunburn is painful. Sunburn is exactly what it sounds like, a burn to the topmost layer of your skin. Of course it is always best to avoid sunburn by wearing a waterproof sunscreen and reapply as directed, but on occasion we can underestimate the power of the sun and end up with a sunburn. Sunburned skin is red, painful, swollen, tight and sometimes blisters. See your doctor for severe sunburn that blisters, you may have sun poisoning.

Calendula has many wonderful and effective healing properties. Calendula is a flower that is actually quite easy to grow in your own yard and garden. Calendula has many medicinal benefits for the skin besides sunburn.

Pick about 1 cup of fresh Calendula flowers or use powdered Calendula. Powdered Calendula is available at natural pharmacies, health food stores and online. Fresh Calendula flowers are the best option, but if they are not available, powdered Calendula is effective also. Do not use Calendula flowers that have been treated with any pesticides, insecticides or chemical fertilizers.

Place the Calendula in a bowl or a large jar.

Pour approximately 2 to 3 cups of boiling water over the fresh Calendula flowers and allow the flowers to steep until the water has cooled to room temperature.

Pour the water and Calendula flowers through a piece of cheesecloth, strain or paper coffee filter in another bowl or jar. Discard the strained Calendula flowers.

Place the Calendula tea in the refrigerator to cool for at least an hour.

Dip a clean, soft towel into the Calendula tea and wring out the excess.

Lay the Calendula dampened towel over sunburned areas of your body for soothing relief. Re-wet the towel as needed to ease the sunburn pain.

Apply a Calendula cream to your sunburned skin for further relief and to promote healing.

This natural sunburn relief remedy can be used as often as you would like for cooling comfort and soothing relief.

Store the unused portion in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Be sure to make the contents on the outside of your jar or container.