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When you walk into any store these days, the selection of baby toys is overwhelming. Each toy promises to improve your childs brain, eyes, or motor skills but how is your baby supposed to work these things? Most of these toys involve pushing buttons, twisting handles or shaking it just so, are they serious? The most my baby could manage was to bat at her toys or watch me play with them and when she could finally manage to grab a hold of them herself, they were either not a good fit for her hand, unweildy to play with or hard for her to chew on and isn't that what baby wants to do with everything? If you can't chew on it, what's the point in having it around?

I received Sophie the giraffe from my sister-in-law as a welcome present for my second daughter. I looked at this plain rubber giraffe with no bells or whistles and thought, "yeah, it's cute... but it's just a rubber giraffe!" Little did I know at the time how much a part of my baby's life Sophie would become.

When I first gave Sophie to my daughter, the first thing I noticed was that her long legs and neck were the perfect size and shape to fit into her fat, little, baby hands and she liked this too. No matter which way Sophie was turned there was always a good place for baby to grab on. It was also easy to keep a hold of this toy because it is extremely lightweight and not a problem for my daughter to play with for long periods of time.

Not long after my daughter figured out how to grap onto Sophie, she figured out how to get the toy into her mouth. I quickly noticed that my daughter's favorite part of Sophie was how soft and pliable it was between her gums! I will stress here that Sophie is made of all-natural and SAFE rubber. This means that baby will be able to chew on it as much as she wants and not only will she not get sick, but the rubber will never break down. Sophie's spots, eyes and other painted features are painted on with perfectly safe food paint so you will never have to worry about a recall because of lead-based paint.

One of the biggest reasons your little one will pick Sophie as their favorite chew toy is that most of the chewing points on this toy geniously happen to be somewhat nipple shaped! From this giraffe's ears to her nose and even her tail and feet, baby will find comfort sucking and chewing on this toy. Sophie also has a wonderful squeak that sounds whenever baby squeezes anywhere on this giraffe's body. My daughter would hear the squeak from across the room and instantly start looking for her friend. It has definitely been a comfort to her and I think Sophie will continue to be a favorite of hers for years to come.

In Closing

If your looking for a good, safe teether for your little one that you won't have to worry about them choking on it or hurting their sensitive gums then this is most definitely the toy for you and your baby. I highly recommend getting a Sophie for your infant - you won't regret it!

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