Your Baby's First Toy

Parents are always looking for the safest toy on the market for their children when they start teething. While Sophie the Giraffe is the most popular teething toy for babies, it also serves another purpose. It is usually the baby’s first toy…ever.

Sophie the Giraffe has a very storied history dating back to May 25th, 1961. The day that Sophie the Giraffe was first created. She was the first exotic animal on the market for a kid’s toy. At that time there were mostly just plain farm animals around.

When Sophie the Giraffe broke onto the scene, it didn’t take the word of mouth to spread like wildfire that this teething toy was amazing. Sophie the GiraffeSophie the Giraffe quickly became the most popular teething toy for babies on the market. Mothers could not describe enough joy in how this simple toy was made perfectly for their baby. Not only was it affordable for all families, but it helped with teething pain which there weren’t a lot of prescriptions for back then.

Why Sophie the Giraffe is a baby’s first toy?

There are so many more options that Sophie the Giraffe has then just being a soft, good smelling teething toy. She also makes a small squeaking noise when your child bites into her. This allows your infant to start understanding cause and effect at a young age. They will learn that when I bite down on this, a sound will come out from my actions.

Next Sophie the giraffe has kept the same color and design since her creation. Since most babies start teething at such a young age their eyesight hasn’t fully developed. This makes the coloring of Sophie the Giraffe perfect to help develop their sight. Sophie in the boxThe plain coloring on the giraffe will be somewhat recognized, but the larger colored spots will provide visual stimulation, which is just what the infant needs. They will quickly become accustomed to her making it your baby’s first toy.

The shape and size is another perfect reason why Sophie the Giraffe is the most popular teething toy for babies. They have developed her to have longer legs and a long neck so that your baby can properly grip her body from anyway. This allows your child to start to learn how to grip items and gain strength in their hands. It also brings out in the which dominant arm they will start to use.

Sophie the Giraffe as a teething toy

When purchasing Sophie the Giraffe you should consider getting two Baby chewing on Sophieof them. When a baby starts teething they are going through sever pain in their gums. The best way to remedy this is by having them use the toy after it has been in the refrigerator or freezer to apply pressure on the hurting gums. The cold effect will numb the area and help reduce the pain allowing them to feel more comfortable. If you have two of them, you are able to keep one in the freezer while your baby chews on the other, then switching them out if you need to.

Sophie the Giraffe is a marvel in the world of baby toys, because most come and go on fads, but she has long outlived her expectations. Not only is she functional as your baby’s first toy, but also as pain reliever for teething that is highly recommended by pediatricians.  This is why Sophie the Giraffe is the most popular teething toy for babies.