If you are looking for soprano saxophones for sale, you have come to the right place. Popular artists such as Kenny G use this type of sax when performing and recording his songs. While people usually start with the alto or tenor when they begin to learn the instrument, you can also start off with soprano saxophones for sale. Prices start as low as $240 and can go up to several thousand dollars for professional models. Whether you are looking for a beginner, intermediate or professional model, you would be able to find one selling at a huge discount. This article will guide you through the popular models of soprano saxophones for sale available and places where you can get one for cheap.

Soprano saxophones for sale are the third smallest in the family and are often straight instead of having a curved neck like the others. There are some with curved necks but they are much rarer to find. This difference will result in a slight difference in the tone of the sax. Similar to the baritone, these saxes are commonly used to play jazz music. Each one may have different mouth pieces for you to adjust the tone and some may come with extra keys to reach higher notes. Soprano saxophones for sale are normally pitched to a B flat key and pitched an octave higher than the tenor, making them perfect for playing the melody.

Soprano Saxophones for Sale

Beginner Soprano Saxophones for Sale

Crysttalcello CWD417 – This is one of the cheap soprano saxophones for sale available on the market. It produces an excellent tone considering the money that you pay for it. At only $299 on Amazon, this model is perfect for a beginner who wants to get an affordable quality instrument. It comes in a hard shell velvet lined case.

Cecilio Gold Lacquer – This model by Cecilio is another sax to consider if you are searching for a beginner model. It features a high quality resonator leather pad for excellent sound protection. With a one year warranty, you do not have to worry about manufacturing defects.

Intermediate Soprano Saxophones for Sale

Allora Model AASS-301 – If you are looking for intermediate soprano saxophones for sale, this one by Allora should suit you. It has a rich, strong and even sound and a professional style keywork. It comes in a lacquered brass body with a high F sharp key.

Vienna Semi Curved – This special sax has two necks and a silver plated finish. Compared to other soprano saxophones for sale, this model has a curved neck which will produce a slightly different sound compared to the usual ones.

Advanced Soprano Saxophones for Sale

Selmer Paris Series III Model 53 – This top of the line instrument is very popular among professionals. The tone of this series is smooth, warn and colorful and it comes with an enhanced resonance feature to enable more vibration and enhanced resonance. This model will set you back by at least $4500.

Yanagisawa 9930 Sterling Series – This model by the famous Yanagisawa brand is famous for producing an amazing and even tone when played. It comes with an interchangeable neckpipe so that you can swap between a straight neck and a curved neck to produce different tunes.

Places to Buy Cheap Soprano Saxophones for Sale

As promised, you will learn about the best places to buy cheap soprano saxophones for sale here. There are actually many places where you can find one, but the list below is a concise list of the most popular places that offer a huge discount. Some of the famous brands that you can find are Yamaha, Legacy and higher end ones such as Selmer Paris and Yanagisawa. Here are some of the common places people go to get soprano saxophones for sale at a low price.


Amazon.com - This is the best site to shop for cheap soprano saxophones for sale. You may be surprised that they actually sell them besides the usual books and toys that they are famous for. They host a wide variety of models from many different brands for you to choose from, so you should be able to find a suitable one for yourself here. The best thing about this site is that it is very common to see an item selling at a huge discount (50% - 70% off), so you are sure to save a lot when buying from Amazon. Take advantage of this and get yourself a good bargain on soprano saxophones for sale on this site.

Nextag.com - This is another site to look for new soprano saxophones for sale. Not many people know about this site but they actually have a range of instruments for you to choose from. With this site, you can easily compare the prices between the sellers listed there and buy from the one who gives you the lowest price. This will save you time instead of having to search each of their websites.

Ozwinds.com - This Australian company specializes in selling woodwind and brasswind instruments. You can choose from a huge range of soprano saxophones for sale here and get free shipping if you are living in Australia. Otherwise, they charge a very affordable international shipping rate.

Local Music Store - Besides the online options, you can also shop for soprano saxophones for sale at your local music store. You would find that they usually have sales during festive periods, so that would be a good time to purchase one. Larger stores will have more choices of soprano saxophones for sale for you to choose from compared to smaller ones and they would be able to give you better deals. By shopping here, you would be able to physically handle the instrument before buying it to determine if it is really suitable for you.


eBay.com - If you are looking for used soprano saxophones for sale, eBay is a good website to check out. You can buy them from other people who might be selling their sax to upgrade. If well taken care of, they will still be in good condition and would still be able to play well.