When I was a boy so many years ago there was only one brand of winter boots for men and that was Sorel. In fact, warm, winter boots were known as Sorels.  That is what I thought when I was a boy anyhow. Dad always had several pairs of them around and I was always taking them out and wearing them even though they came half way up my leg and I looked ridiculous in them.

I am dating myself here because I am referring to the 1970's. But, the sorel boot company is still making very high quality winter boots for men. Here are a few exmples for you.

Sorel has been making high quality boots for the winter sportsman since 1962. These no-nonsense, no frills boots keep feet warm, and they do it for a reasonable price.

Here are a few examples of winter boots that Sorel has available for men:

  • Men's Caribou: The Men's caribou was first made commercially available in 1972, and it has been a staple among outdoor nuts such as myself ever since. This boot is rated to 40 degrees F below zero and is available in 3 colors. This boot has a 9 MM Thermo Plus removable liner.
  • Men's 1964 Premium T: This is the original warm boot. With its removable 9 MM felt liner, this boots is rated to 40 below and is available in 3 colors.
  • Caribou Stingray: This boot is a bit pricey, but remember, you get what you pay for. This boot also has a removable 6MM felted wool shearling leather innerboot. If you really like to be out in bad weather and snow, this is the boot for you.
  • Men's Caribou Wool: This is another one of those designs that have been around forever. The boot features a 9 MM 60% felted wool, 40%cotton innerboot with a wool snow cuff. This Caribou comes in 2 colors and is rated to 40 below zero.
  • Men's Alpha PAC:  This PAC boot is designed to be lightweight. This makes it much easier for the wearer to move around in deep snow. It is difficult enough to walk through snow. Bulky boots don't make things any easier. That is the reason that PAC boots were designed.  The Sorel Alpha PAC features a removable 9 MM felt liner and also has built-in snow gaiters. Snow gaiters prevent snow from getting into your boots.  Anyone who has ever had snow in their boots will appreciate these gaiters.

Sorel is another one of those companies that I grew up with. That is another reason why I am proud to say that they are still around, and they are still making great boots after all of those years!

Sorel Winter Boots
Credit: sorel.com