You're just a few points from leveling up on Sorority Life. Unfortunately, all of your energy is gone, which means you'll have to start fighting with another girl to get those last few points. Oh, no. You're out of stamina, too. On top of that, you don't have enough confidence to fight without a visit to the spa, but you're out of cash because you just had to have a better ride and traded up to some stretch hummer limos. Looks like you're going to have to wait to level up until you have time to play again next Saturday, right?Actually, there are a few ways to refill energy fast or get more confidence and stamina.

Visit the Sorority Life House Mom for a refill.

sorority life house mom

If you have cash to burn, are planning to join a book club anyway, or have saved up a lot of Brownie Points from other times you've leveled up, you can get a full refillof energy, confidence , or stamina for ten Brownie Points. (If you have almost enough points and don't mind risking the loss of another point or two, you can try hosting a casino night in Off Campus Events to try to get more Brownie Points.)

Ask Your Friends to Send You Some Swag Goodies

sorority life swag

A free and easy way to add some energy, confidence, or stamina is to use some swag to get a partial refill. You can check to see if you already have goodies by going to the Socialize tab and looking to the right of the tabs that take you to different locations to do the socialization events. You'll see a button that says "My Swag." Clicking on the button brings you to a pop up that shows you the different goodies you have and the ones you can request to have someone send.

sorority life goodies

If you already have some goodie swag, you will see a use button under your swag and can use it to get a partial refill. If you don't have the swag, you can use the request button to send out a request to your Facebook page so your friends will know you need that particular swag. Most of the swag goodies refill the same amount each time you use them, but the Mochaccino drink refills less energy each time you use it within a 24 hour period. So, if you have several drinks, you are usually better off using one and then saving the rest until you are back up to a 40% refill level.

Now, you can level up without waiting for your energy, confidence and stamina to slowly refill on their own. Have fun!