How does one achieve true, soul-deep, spiritual authenticity? Allow your intuition to be your guide. Your inner voice will tell you if/when you are “on the right track” when it comes to honoring your own authenticity. One of the greatest things about Anita Moorjani is that she does not hold herself up to be some kind of "guru" who "knows all," spiritually speaking.

She experienced something miraculous (a fascinating NDE accompanied by a complete healing from seemingly terminal, irreversible cancer), and she just wants to tell her tale to anyone who is curious to learn more about what happened to her. She does not claim to “have all the answers,” but she did learn a few very essential truths that can be of enormous spiritual use to all of us and she is more than happy to pass those along. One of her points, the one about being true to yourself is definitely something you can apply in your day-to-day life.

You can explore (and enjoy) your own sense of spiritual authenticity using a variety of activities and/or thought processes that you may already be involved in anyway. As Anita says, task one is to love yourself completely and unconditionally, in the same boundless, eternal way that loving parents love their newborn children. As she also points out, it is the “spill-over” effect of all this genuine self-love that enables one to love other people. 

You have doubtless heard relationship experts (and perhaps also friends and family members) talk about the great importance of loving oneself before one can fully love another person. People often talk about this in the context of romantic relationships, but it can actually be applied to all human relationships: familial ones, friendships, relationships with colleagues and even acquaintances. That kind of love is similar to what Anita is talking about; but she is not discussing an ordinary kind of love. Rather, she is discussing the greatest, most infinite love you can imagine. That’s right, you need to shower yourself with divine, eternal love, the kind of enveloping, massive, unconditional love that Anita (and so many other NDErs) report feeling during their near death experiences.

For those of us who have not felt this kind of boundless love firsthand, it may be difficult to wrap our minds around it. But if we try to get in touch with the divine within ourselves, with some practice and some meditation and some engaging in spiritually uplifting activities it is possible to feel this kind of divine love from the deepest part of ourselves for ourselves, even right here on earth. 

So, if getting in touch with our inner divinity is the path to personal authenticity and genuine self-love, how do we go about getting there?

Again, follow your intuition. Some people may “get there” by meditating or praying. Others get in touch with their most authentic, divine selves by serving other people in one capacity or another. Many people feel most in touch with their own inner divinity when engaging in the arts (painting, sculpting, writing). All of these are effective and powerful ways to commune with (and also express) your own spirituality. We can also express our own internal divinity in our relationships with other people, allowing our spirits, the best we have to offer interpersonally speaking, to shine through in all of our interactions with other people.

Think of how you feel when you are fully absorbed doing something you love. If you love your work, for instance, you can look up and notice that hours have gone by while you have been fully engaged in a particularly engrossing project. This is an example of being your authentic self, and getting in tune and in touch with “the divine within.” 

I know that in my work, I feel deeply engaged and in touch with my personal authenticity when I work with my colleagues and clients, and I therefore feel this is one way that I actively commune with my own soul on a regular basis. Another time that I feel authentic and fully engaged is when I am reading or writing about spiritual subjects. For me, there is nothing more absorbing or exciting than thinking about spirituality from every possible angle, and I now realize, having read and listened to Anita, that when I do these things (to please no one but myself) I am engaging and expressing my authentic self. After all, any time you are doing something you thoroughly enjoy and that engages all of you (mind, body and soul), you are being authentic, you are actively loving yourself (and often others in the process) and you are communing with your own spirit in a deep and powerful way.

If you meditate on a regular basis, for example, you already know the power of allowing your mind to “go quiet” so that you can commune powerfully with your own spirit and get in touch with the oneness, that is, the profound interconnectedness, of all beings. It is during such spiritually powerful moments that you can fortify yourself and strengthen yourself for any obstacles you may encounter during the course of the day. There is nothing more sustaining (not just spiritually, but physically and emotionally as well) than getting in direct touch with your own soul before you face the day. I think this may be why so many people prefer to engage in their meditation practice first thing in the morning. That way they can feel replenished and refreshed throughout the day.

Speaking of spiritual replenishment, you’ll recall that Anita tells us that the most replenishing activity you can engage in is to shower yourself with the kind of divine love she experienced during her NDE. If you find that your life is depleting you emotionally, physically and spiritually, take a long hard look at what you can do to to fill yourself up with the energizing spiritual love that you not only deserve, but that will also give you more than enough reserves of love energy to pass along to the people in your life. In other words, we have a built-in, life-sustaining, rejuvenating energy source, and it is this divine self-love, this deep down soul-love that Anita Moorjani (and many other spiritually tuned in individuals) describe.