Meet More People

You don’t have any excuse to not be able to find your soul mate! We’ve never had more ways to meet people in today’s society. Technology, travel and increasing immigration are all allowing us to have more and more people introduced in our lives.

We have the power to have more or less friends depending on us. The more we connect to people, the more likely you’ll find someone you like or even your destined soul mate!

We’re only limited to options when we don’t take advantage of socializing. By avoiding going to places you’ll less likely meet the people that could make a difference in your life. You will find the internet a great place to find people, socialize online via webcam or old fashioned chatting. Abusing cyberspace for finding people is great but it has it’s downs as it will not give you the experience and skills of face to face socializing.


Nothing prepares you better than the confidence of going out and talking to random people. It doesn’t even have to be the opposite sex. Go down to the grocery store, buy your milk for your mom or buy your groceries and chat up with people around you in the line.


The perfect scenario is an old woman that would be more than willing to have a nice conversation with you. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. The worst thing that could happen is someone who doesn’t like to talk. The goal here is to strike up a conversation, not to make best friends.

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Love Who You Are!

What do you like to do?

Everyone has hobbies and nothing is more enjoyable than performing them. Take some time out of your day for yourself to take on some of your hobbies. Enjoy an activity that you like doing. The key here is to be yourself, do something that you like doing. Don’t focus on finding a relationship, rather focus on yourself and what makes you happy.

Get in a good mood

If you think you need your soul mate to be in a good mood, you’re wrong. If you can’t make yourself happy without being dependant on another person for it, then you will most likely have gigantic mood swings when you have someone who makes you happy. Before you start your day, get some things done, do some work.

Some people don’t feel right if they don’t get something done and it drags with them everywhere they go. You are what you do anyway! Get instantly happy by looking yourself in the mirror and smiling for one minute. Some studies have proven that this works for someone with depression. If you just want to get in a good mood than try it out! Lock the bathroom door, you don’t want anyone to think you’re crazy!


Be yourself

No one likes a pretender and even if they do, they will eventually find your true face. One can only go so far pretending to be who they are. Unless you want to be an actor, it probably won’t do you any good in the long run. How would you like it if someone else pretended to be someone who you like? It would hurt!

Say yes man!

Ever seen that one movie with Jim Carry? It was called “Yes Man” and he had to do everything that was asked from him. Sometimes it was things he didn’t want to do! This isn’t what I recommend you doing, well maybe only half of it.

Whenever you’re asked to go to a social event, go! Say yes, and when you’re asked to go somewhere, if it’s safe then go. The more you go out and socialize the more likely you’ll meet the one! It may not happen right away but at least you’re out there. How could you meet someone that you might like if you don’t put yourself in the situation?


Get Out The Closet:

Don't forget nothing is set in stone and no one can say the best way to meet your soul mate is that or this. You literally have to put yourself out there because soul mates are rarely delivered to you door unless you meet the right UPS woman! 

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