Soulmate Definition: Myths
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Soulmate Definition: Myths


Romantics often hear the term soulmate and attribute it a lofty, untouchable quality. The soulmate definition they use describes a kindred soul meant for only one person. Some will even say they are the literal half of the person they are soulmated with (the twin flame theory), and that one won't meet a soul twin of this sort until each "half" has completed their individual earth mission.

The reality is a touch more commonplace. Soulmates aren't always of the romantic variation or singularly fixated on one person. We may find them in groups of individuals, or they may be lifelong friends we have a higher-vibrating bond with. Relationships with soulmates shouldn't be considered perfect, but they can be very important to our growth and perspective on the earth plane.


Soulmate Definition Myths

With the idea that we have mates who vibrate in harmony with our souls come the myths attributed to the soulmate definition. An experience with a soulmate can be an incredibly beautiful thing, no matter how long or short a time it's given to thrive, but we should wipe any glitter out of our eyes that might lead us to think our soulmate(s) will come equipped with that elusive quality many get caught up in seeking: perfection.


  • Soulmate relationships never end.

    False. Every event, relationship, and experience has its purpose. These purposes may come with a very short or very long timeline. The revelation of which kind you might be dealing with isn't always available. Some readers can help, but even they won't have information for you if the universe keeps it out of your reach to ensure your experience is true to its mission. A soulmate may be here with you for quite a while, but life can also carry them in other directions that their reason for incarnation dictates.

  • A soulmate will never hurt you.

    Not true. The majority of people who come into this realm take on a certain degree of amnesia (“the veil”). Your soulmate will have their own personality and perspective and you may rarely agree on certain matters. The emotional damage we sustain in some circumstances can be largely attributable to perspective at times. Even the most ideal person in your eyes can fall from grace in an instant.

  • Your soulmate can't have another soulmate.

    There are a number of soulmates out there. Some schools of spiritual thought even speak of very large groups of soul types learning certain lessons and returning to the same group after transition (rebirth into the next dimension). We're so often taught “to possess” other people, it can become very easy to perceive a person as “ours.” The reality is, your soulmate is a person who is loved by others and will love others, just as you. Accepting this forms extremely strong bonds that aren't strained by the insecurity that comes with possessiveness and its weapon of choice: suspicion (and the resulting beast of jealousy that will likely emerge with or without warrant).


Myths associated with a soulmate definition can damage the potential bloom in a relationship that is transcendental at its core. Learning to trust the perspective of the heart in a connection with a soulmate is intrinsic with acting from that light-bearing organ. Oftentimes, we mean well but don't show our love in ways that sustain a connection. In the same way we may think the “other” is playing games, we may be withholding our love while assessing how much affection we'll get from the other party in return.

Embracing a new love paradigm has everything to do with relationships of true depth. Search your heart for the soulmate definition that resonates most with you, and strap the ego into its kiddie seat: this type of link is reserved for higher-level communication.