Guide to Soundproof Double Pane Windows


There are many reasons to get soundproof double pane windows. First of all, sleeping can be very difficult when there is lots of noise in your house. Studies show that the brain is affected by noise whether you are awake or asleep. When you are awake the noise from cars, machines, people and other environmental sources can be distracting and bothersome. While you are asleep, noise in a room at night can lead to restless and poor quality sleep.  Soundproof double pane windows are great for anyone but particularly good for homes with young children.

If you want to decrease noise in your home it is important to get the right soundproof double pane windows. Regular glass windows let in unwanted sound more than any other part of our house. Our walls, ceilings and floors are already pretty good at blocking out the roar of a city street, so they will not be the best investment for your money. Good soundproof double pane windows will block 75%-95% of noise, so look for ads that are in this range.
Soundproof Double Pane Windows
Soundproof double pane windows are generally considered the best option for blocking out the din outside of your house. The way that they work is buy layering two separate sheets of glass next to each other with a buffer zone of dead space in between them. This makes an area where sound has trouble passing through. It also translates in to great savings on heat; the extra layer of insulation decreases the amount of energy (in both sound energy and heat energy) that is transferred through the glass. These energy savings are important to consider when determining the cost of purchase and installation for your soundproof double pane windows.

It is important to purchase sspecially designed glass for your soundproof double pane windows, as there are some companies that will just sell you a system that has two sheets of regular glass. While this will lower the background noise and contribute to heat insulation, it certainly isn’t the best use for your money! Look for companies advertising glass that blocks noise, not just double thick glass or even triple thick. A good company will give you a free quote on your home and it is worth it to check out a few websites and “shop around.”

Once you have found a company that you like, make sure that the windows are allowed by your apartment management. Usually soundproof double pane windows are approved because they contribute to heat saving and reduce noise in the building, but double check just in case! When in doubt, go to a website selling them and ask if they offer assistance in dealing with the bureaucracy of getting them approved. Many do and this will make your life easier!

Make Sure To Remember:
  • Most of the noise in your home enters through the windows
  • Soundproof Double Pane Windows will reduce noise by up to 95%
  • They will also lower heat costs, saving your wallet and the environment
  • Make sure you do not just buy double thick glass or “storm windows”
  • Make sure the windows are approved for use in your building
  • Check out different sites to get the best quote on soundproof double pane windows

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