How can you earn passive income on the web and offline?

Sources of Passive Income

Passive income can be generated online and offline, it’s very achievable if you spend some amount of time starting it up. The great thing about passive income is that you are earning money without continuously doing anything. If you have multiple streams of passive income then making a living from doing so is definitely a possibility.


One decent source of passive income in my opinion is investing online. A lot of people think that in order to invest, you need to have a large sum of money to get started. But in many cases this isn’t actually true, and in fact – investing with a large sum of money straight away magnifies the risk involved with doing so. There’s many websites which allow you to invest money and get a decent return on it (averaging 7%), a couple allow you to get started with as little as $25! Although $25 isn’t going to give you much return. There isn’t nearly as much risk involved with this as there is with stock trading or something similar for that matter. That’s why it’s an extremely good source of passive income and to cut a long story short – The more you put in, the more you get out.


Another very popular form of passive income is article writing. Article writing is one of the easiest ways to source passive income. The only downside about article writing is that it generally takes a lot of start-up work and time to get going, so you have to write a number of articles before you start generating decent passive income. If you own a website, you can use the articles to backlink to your website, that way you’re receiving money and traffic at the same time! The best thing about article writing is how passive it is. After you’ve wrote a number of articles, they’ll get picked up by search engines and traffic will just accumulate. If you’re lucky people will share your article creating a snowball effect, there’s really no limit on how much you can earn from article writing. Keyword density also helps for SEO so keep that in mind.


PPC Arbitrage is very high risk, but the earning potential is insane. PPC (pay-per-click) arbitrage is where you spend money on advertising that directs the person who clicks it to a certain landing page or affiliate link. You’re trying to earn more money from the affiliate program than you spend on the advertising, so if your advertising doesn’t appeal to others then you’ll lose out. All in all, the earning potential is entirely uncertain due to all the factors involved. PPC Arbitrage is fairly easy to start-up, due to advertising services being easy to set-up, and the income is incredibly passive if done right, you may have to make adjustments to ads every now and then – but you can just wait and watch the money roll in.


The most popular form of passive income on the web is niche website creation; this involves creating a website with content about your particular niche. Your main aim is to generate traffic through search engine optimization. The earning potential for niche websites is great due to the fact that like PPC arbitrage and article writing, they have no boundaries. But is the income really that passive? I would say less than others, due to the fact that it takes a lot of start-up work in order to create a niche website (research, creation, advertisements, SEO), also there are a lot of adjustments you’ll have to do in order to maximise earning potential. Blogging Is similar to niche website creation except rather than trying to focus on SEO for generating traffic, you’re more so trying to build a community, or a roll of subscribers. The earning potential as a blogger really depends on how much time you put into it, due to the start-up time and on-going content production, the income really becomes less passive than others.