Hello Virtual Traveller

Welcome back to our journey.. South Africa through my eyes. In my last article I wrote about a general background of SA..attempting to fill the canvas with samples of things to come. Today Iwant to invite you into the most beautiful, vibrant unique city..Cape Town. To be more specific..the V&A Waterfront!

Nowhere in the world does the flavour and culture of the entire globe come together as it does is this remarkable city. For the soccer lovers..Cape Town hosts the awesome brand new Greenpoint World Cup Soccer Stadium which is situated right on the foreshore of Cape Town..within walking distance to just about all the hot spots, accommodation, sites and ofcourse the V&A Waterfront.

Lets start with a visit to the V&A Waterfront. Alive with activity from the moment you enter with ample parking..loads of hotels and restuarants..and the best shopping for fashion, gifts, music, jewellery and art. Imagine the scene..you've seated yourself one early morning at one of the many restuarants facing the harbour. You can smell the sea..the boats, seagulls, seals and water.. meters away and in the background you can hear the different sounds of local African bands ..the African drum beat and the harmonising sounds of the voices of Africa. You're sipping your favourite beverage while being surrounded by sites of beautiful buildings, colourful characters, mimes, music and culture. Its a feeling you dream to be part of..giving energy and a lust for living..and don't forget the sunshine and the cool sea breaze. The only problem I find is to choose where to eat or shop..which charter to choose and why the day always passes too soon. Its the one place where anything goes..and everyone feels at home. Its clean, well organised and is perfect for those wishing to get busy with activity (booking tourism excursions like sailing, diving, a theatre show, a trip on an open double-decker bus through Cape Town, a charter to Robben Island, the Cable Car to Table Mountain etc) or just to spend time in movie houses..or like me ..to find a well situated coffee shop and just take in the sounds, sites and atmosphere.

Its all there in one intertwining unforgetable waterfront. Part of the attractions are the Red and Blue Sheds..these house local talented jewellers, artists, works of art and more restuarants. The Two Oceans Aquarium is situated almost at the entrance to the Waterfront and has over 3000 animals consisting of the under water world, mammals, reptiles, sharks and birds.

From the Waterfront you can do the world famous charter to Robben Island situated 12 km from Cape Town. There you'll be taken on a tour showing the Island of banishment, exile, isolation and imprisonment which is where the most famous South African of all was incaserated..Nelson Mandela. Robben Island is nearly 400 years old and is well worth visiting. Other charters include sunset cruises and various destination cruises, all available to be booked daily on site.

So for now..besides the countless wonders the V&A Waterfront have to offer..I'll leave you with wanting to experience the vibe and in my next article we will continue into Cape Town and surrounds....

Table Mountain has laid the table. You and I need to take our seats and enjoy all it has to offer

Till next time

Yebo Yes South Africa!