Hoodia Gordonii

South African hoodia gordonii has been proclaim to be an effect weight loss supplement. Hoodia gordonii comes from a native succulent South African plant known as Hoodiagordonii. The plant is grown in the Kalahari desert. There's been claims that when taking hoodia gordonii, it prevents those from overeating, which translates into weight loss. The Africans have used the plant to prevent hunger when going on hunting trips.

Does hoodia gordonii with ph57 help with weight loss? Well, there's not been any proof if it does, or doesn't. Hoodia gordonii is labeled a dietary supplement. Dietary supplements don't need FDA approval. Dietary supplement aren't usually tested. Dietary supplements are still suppose to meet specific safety requirements and warning when used. Herbal hoodia can be sold in capsules, tea, and is also available in milk chocolate cashews.

South African hoodia gordonii with p57 has become quite a popular herbal supplement. According to a manufacturer, sales for hoodia gordonii reached $20 million for one year. There's been some evidence to suggest that hoodia gordonii can at least prevent over eating, and trick the brain into thinking you're full. According to David MacLean MD, professor at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, the P57 in hoodia has shown to help regulate appetite, when tests were done on animals.

The p57 found in hoodia is a steroidal glycoside. According to the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research located in South Africa, an experiment done with animals showed they loss weight when given hoodia. P57 might helpful for binge eaters, since it represses appetite. P57 is thought to increase ATP from 50-150%.

Certified hoodia

The problem with hoodia gordonii, is there are a lot of scams currently on the web. Finding certified hoodia, containing p57 can be a bit complicated. According to Mike Adams of News Target, there's been an estimate of over 80% scams of counterfeit hoodia. Certified hoodia can be difficult to find, since anyone can claim "100% certified hoodia" then it can be counterfeit. I'd avoid manufacture sites claiming "free trials" or avoid buying directly from a site promoting the product. Hoodia is in high demand, and there's no way to know if you're getting pure hoodia. Hoodia has not been FDA approved, so manufactures can make phony claims, when hoodie hasn't been tested for its purity.

Hoodia review

A hoodia review for weight loss can be misleading. The p57 found in hoodia repressed appetite, but is not a guarantee herbal weight loss pill. You'll still need to apply a healthy diet, exercise, and other methods when trying to lose weight. If you're still eating an unhealthy diet, then you can still battle weight problems. Hoodia gordonii is not a fat burning supplement.

Where to buy Hoodia?

Since there are a lot of scams of hoodia gordonii on the internet, it can be a bit difficult finding pure hoodia. I'd personally avoid buying directly from websites selling the product. They can make all the claims they want, but not of it is backed up with proof. I'd check your local health stores and see what they got. Hoodia gordonii supplements have been reported to be contaminated when buying from manufacture websites. However, if you choose to buy online, then choose places like amazon, GND, and drugstore.com. Sites where you can read reviews from other buyers. Buy and beware when it comes to hoodia. Buy product brands you're familiar with and trust. If you're familiar with herbal supplements, and never heard of the brand name, then I'd suggest not buying it. Hoodia is expensive, so cheap prices might not mean quality.

Hoodia gordonii side effects

There have been some reports of insomnia when taking hoodia gordonii. Some reports have also claimed unwanted effects on the liver as well. There's not been any strong indication of hoodia gordonii side effects, or how safe it is to take. Those taking prescribed medications should probably consult their doctor before taking hoodia supplements.