South American earrings have always been popular choices among people and have been constantly worn in many forms for about centuries already. An earring is a kind of jewelry attached to the earlobe and is something that is worn by both men and women.

Traditionally, earrings have always been a part of women’s fashion although today, ear piercing is practiced by men as well especially to those who reside in Africa, Asia, Europe and America. Earrings can be made up of different types of materials including stones, beads, glass, plastic and etc.

Designs range from the simple studs and small loops to the lavish dangling items. The earring size is usually limited by the capacity of the earlobe holding it. The use of heavy dangling earrings for a prolonged duration of time may lead to stretching of the piercing hole and earlobe as well.

The History of South American Earrings

Native American jewelry was a vital factor in the people’s culture and beliefs during the olden times. The current United States symbol is actually of tribal nature and widely represents Indian culture. Turquoise South American Earrings

Natural materials were actually used in the making of many South American earrings, bracelets and necklaces such as minerals, feathers and precious elements such as silver and turquoise. For centuries, turquoise was considered a sacred gem and was believed to possess natural healing powers.

The Indians of the Zuni, Pueblo, Hopi and Navajo, still regard turquoise as a valuable ritual object in the world today. South American earrings made out of turquoise stones are believed to be already a tradition of ancient Egypt.

Religious jewelry is also a vital part of the American culture. Indian people took pride in wearing their jewelries when at tribal ceremonies and other ritualistic activities. Jewelry was also representative of the various life stages of a certain affected individual.

Native American jewelry was also given to women after they had their first menstruation and for married couples for happiness, health and prosperity. Today, society adorns South American earrings and Native American jewelry for its elegance and aesthetic appeal.

Earring Designs

Earrings may usually fall into two categories namely the pierced and the non pierced. Pierce earrings are perhaps the most popular type these days. The recent fashion for the pierced type and the fact that this style holds securely into the lobe makes it a more popular option compared to the non pierced type.Dreamcatcher South American Earrings

Posts earrings usually set s thin post that goes through the piercing and then attaches onto a small side clip on its back. Hooks have thin wires resembling the traditional ‘fishing hooks’. Hoops come in many sizes and sometimes could appear as bracelets attached to earlobes.

For people who would opt for the non pierced type, there are plenty of choices widely available. Clip on styles are commonly attached to the lobes with spring loaded clips. Screws are already considered to be ‘old fashioned’ and are rarely used these days.

Magnetic non pierced earrings use a very strong magnetic material to hold the earrings in place. South American earrings are perfect finishing accents to your daily ensemble. Be creative and explore your beautiful options.