South American necklaces definitely have that wow factor. They are handmade exotic jewelry created using semi-precious stones, cat’s eye beads, murano glass, alpaca silver wire, nuts, and other material. In many instances, the South American artisans are able to make necklaces that combine their cultural heritage, with modern craftsmanship.

These handmade ethnic style necklaces are beautifully made in a variety of colors, and designs. They are made in several South American countries, but let’s look at a few of the ones that are very popular in the United States.

Perhaps one of the more creative makers of handmade South American necklaces are the Peruvians. Peru is known as the land of the Incas, but here’s an interesting tidbit. In 2008, a Peruvian necklace was identified as being the world’s oldest known gold artifact from the Americas.

So you can be sure that making necklaces is definitely a centuries old tradition for them. Some of the Peruvian necklaces are beautifully designed and the craftsmanship is charming. Take for example the amulet necklaces; these are often made with 20 semi-precious stones, and come in a variety of styles and colors. In addition, there are also necklaces made of bamboo, glass, and stone. Andean South American Necklace

There is something for even the most discriminating jewelry lover. Colombia also boasts some lovely South American necklaces. Perhaps one of the more striking pieces you might come across is the Coal heart necklace.

As the name suggests, it is actually made of South American coal. Not only is it very attractive, but there is a very remarkable history behind it. Since coal mining is a very dangerous occupation, the Colombian government recognized the need to create an alternative means of employment for many of those who work in the mines, especially the children.

This led to the setting up of jewelry workshops exclusively for carving jewelry made from coal. The exotic coal heart necklace is a result of that intervention. There are also South American necklaces made of natural seeds such as asai, tagua, and pambil.Peruvian South American Necklace

Some of these seeds are actually endemic to the South American rainforest, and can be found in a variety of colors and sizes. The variant seed colors make the necklaces visually appealing, as there is a wide range of tones and hues.

Like those already mentioned, these necklaces are also handmade, and are designed with wax thread. Ecuador produces many of the necklaces made of tagua and other seeds. Often referred to as the vegetable ivory of Ecuador, the tagua nut is very versatile.

Because of this, the artisans are able to use various processes, to make fine necklaces, and other items of jewelry. South American necklaces are a great gift for anyone who likes exotic jewelry.

Also, if you happen to be looking for a good business idea, consider buying them wholesale and then reselling them at auction online. The necklaces are made by hand and are of high quality. In addition, they come in thousands of unique styles, and reflect the tradition and culture of the different South American countries.