Native wedding band practice in America was richly influenced by cultural and spiritual symbolism. Native Americans need not usually smelt metal in making jewelry and so wedding rings were not a tradition for many native people.

But jewelry adornments such as South American rings have always been used for many ceremonial purposes and are considered as an extension of symbolism to the traditional native wedding bands.

Symbolism may include personal symbols, geographic accents, and tribal distinctions that make South American rings meaningful and honor a couple’s cultural an heritage connections.

The Native American Symbolism

Native American tribes have several similar elements that they use in making jewelry.

Animals. Most Native American tribes deified many animals as providers and protectorsSouth American Wolf Ring of their slate. Totem animals were often included as tribal jewelry designs. Eagles, horses and wolves were popular designs.

Gems. The native tribes considered several gemstones as sacred such as onyx, turquoise, jade and opal. Using any of these gemstones for wedding bands didn’t only make it wonderful but meaningful as well.

Plants. Plants were also sacred entities for many Native American tribes. South American rings were often adorned with leaf, flower and tree designs. This would also signify how the land is very sacred to the tribe and keeps the bearer connected to the Earth wherever he may be.

Looking for the Right South American Rings

The ring is a pristine symbol of infinity, eternity and eternal love. It can be a archetype for wholeness, timelessness and lifelong union that is renewed. Based on its magical roots, wearing a ring would mean possessing power based on the symbols engraved on it.South American Indian Ring

Gold usually symbolized the sun & masculine energy while silver pertained to moon & feminine energy. Getting a handcrafted ring especially designed for you brings you back of the good old days where rings symbolized endless and undying love and devotion.

Empowered with the wearer’s and maker’s energies, rings are considered much more than just jewelry. Many of today’s designs incorporate Native American elements with other precious stones to create contemporary designs featuring a unique blend of cultures.

Most native artisans made rings that could become alternative wedding bands. When selecting among the many Native American rings, couples should pay close attention to the innate symbolism of the ring to honor culture and tradition.

Couples have the liberty to choose from any related tribes such as the Mayan, Blackfoot, Ottawa, Arapahoe, Chippewa, Cherokee, Aztec and Sioux. As a personal heritage, couples may also choose a ring from a native tribe that has ancestral lands and geographic locations significant in their relationship.

They could also choose a ring simply because of its beauty and the wonderful craftsmanship beneath it. In the southwest region of the country, couples can find numerous types of Native American jewelry and South American rings.

Couples really don’t have to belong to a tribal decent for them to appreciate the natural beauty of South American rings and wedding bands. Whether they go for symbolism or its innate beauty itself, Native American designs still make awesome choices for wedding bands.