South Carolina is a southern state and is one of the 13 original colonies that started in the United States. The European exploration was started in 1540, but this brought over European diseases and this put a large decline in the population of the Indians in the area. There was an English colony that started in Charleston in the Province of Carolina in 1670. This was started by the wealthy English planters and their slaves. They came from the British colony in the Caribbean of Barbados. These proprietors were overthrown by the colonists after the large Yamasee War, and this pushed back the American Indians in the years of 1715, 1716, and 1717. This colony was eventually officially made into a crown colony in 1719, and North Carolina was split from the Carolinas and made into its own separate colony in 1729 giving it is own name. South Carolina then was banded together with other colonies and then opposed the British taxes in the Stamp Act Crisis during 1765. This played a major role in the history of resisting Britain. They then became an independent state in March of 1776 and was joined as part of the United States.


The lowlands of South Carolina made cotton gin in the rich soil and it was very profitable for those plantations that were all ran by black slaves of the time. The uplands where the poor lived, with few slaves were the cause for the regional conflict in the political system. They had one of the biggest outspoken leaders named John C. Calhoun. They fought federal tariffs during the 1830’s. They demanded the rights to practice slavery and to recognize in the territories. When Abraham Lincoln was elected as president in 1860, he vowed to stop the expansion of slavery, and the voters demanded the secession of slavery. In February of 1861 they joined the Confederate States of America which was new to the US. The Civil War was what freed the blacks from slavery. During 1865 to 1877, the state underwent new reconstruction. The civilian government was shut down in 1867, and this put the army in charge and gave freed slaves the chance to vote and prevented any ex Confederates from having a place in office. A new public school system was created and funded and this also brought about social welfare institutions.


In the 1880’s when the white conservatives had power they fought to create public segregation laws and to control the movement that the African American laborers had. Once 1890 hit, a lot of the African Americans lost their rights to vote, and they did not full regain it back until 1965. The Civil War was the cause that the economy was ruined, and South Carolina became one of the three poorest states in the country for the next century. The cotton run was ended by the end of the 1950’s, and this was because of the factories that were built across the state giving farmers a lot less when it came to making their own cotton. The textile factories did fade, but not until after 1970. The population of South Carolina grew, reaching up to 4 million people in 2000. The coast of the state became one of the prime locations for the retirees and tourists. The poverty rate was 13.5 percent, which is only slightly worse than the national average which comes in at 11.7 percent. South Carolina continues to grow and prosper over time even after everything that it has been through, and will continue to go through as time moves forward.