Looking for an interesting, history filled vacation in the US? Have you ever considered looking into the options for taking a South Carolina timeshare vacation? This particular part of the South comes alive as you visit all the state's great destinations, whether you want to relax at the beach or revisit history.

The Charleston area, for example, was rated one of the top ten travel destinations in 1995, and the popularity of this fine area has been growing every year since. This aristocratic port is home to more than seventy pre Revolutionary buildings, over a hundred buildings built in the eighteenth century and of course a score of others built in the early to mid nineteenth century. Antique shops and boutiques line cobblestone streets, reminiscent of years and centuries past.

Most South Carolina timeshares are located in the popular beach communities in the state, such as Hilton Head Island, Edisto Island and Myrtle Beach. However, you will find timeshare resorts located in other areas of the state and having a spacious home base is a great way to get out and explore the local area. Make your own breakfast in the unit and then head out for a day's drive to see the sights.

As for destinations with plenty of timeshare rental or purchase possibilities, you have a few great choices. Let's take a look at Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach.

Hilton Head Island, another favorite South Carolina stop over, is renowned for its beautiful beaches. Not only that, but it is also a favorite place for golf players, with more than 20 golf courses on the island. There are plenty of timeshare resorts on Hilton Head Island and quite a few of them have their own golf courses too. As an owner or guest, you may even be entitled to discounts on green fees if you are staying at the resort.

Tennis is another major attraction on Hilton Head, as it boasts more tennis courts (around three hundred) than any other resort area of similar size in the United States. With its mild temperatures all year round, it is a favorite spot for outdoor sports and activities.

Both Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach have fantastic summer beach resorts, with many timeshare accommodations available to travelers. From beachfront resorts to golf resorts, tennis resorts, historical inns and museums, you will find something there for everyone. Myrtle Beach can be a fun family destination as there is plenty of shopping and shows to go to as well.

In fact, there is such a diversity of locations and resorts in South Carolina, probably more than you could imagine, that once you get there you may find yourself booking another timeshare rental so that you can explore all the different tourist locations around the state. Beautiful southern gardens and spectacular lakes, South Carolina has them all. The tourism districts in South Carolina all have something special to offer the tourist.

There are a variety of ways to travel around South Carolina, so don't feel you are limited to a car only, but relax in a horse drawn carriage, an air conditioned bus or a boat. With the advent of the cooler fall months you may also find that South Carolina timeshare resorts and hotels offer special discounts and off-season rates too.