Kerala Overview

Kerala welcomes you to relish the exquisiteness and hospitality of one of the admired tourist destinations of India. With its stretched beaches, ancient monuments, exotic national parks, ayurvedic centers, elephant safaris and tranquil houseboats along with its tropical backwaters, the place has grabbed top position when it comes to adventure and leisure. The hospitality shown by the people of Kerala is just speechless. Also, Kerala tours are an ideal blend of Ayurveda, wildlife and culture. These are the three famed and privileged things to follow in Kerala. However, there are many other enthralling aspects that make Kerala a great tourist spot.

Talking about the culture of Kerala, the state enjoys a place of honor amongst the people of India. Kerala’s culture can be seen from its various festivals, fairs, events, martial arts and dance forms. The famous dance of Kerala, Kathakali is almost 300 years old and has carved its place in the hearts of people, all over India. Other famous dance forms of Kerala are Krishnanattom, Thiruvathirakali, Mohiniyattom, Chavittunatakom, Koodiyattom, Kakkarishi Natakom, Kolkkali, Oppanna and Thullal. Apart from these dance forms Kerala’s culture can be seen in their delicious cuisine, which has got recognition, worldwide. Onam is the time of gala in Kerala; this amazing festival is celebrated in Kerala with thrill and excitement. Thus, the culture of Kerala represents the thoughts and the lifestyle of the people of the state.  You can certainly taste the true colors of Kerala by availing a trip to Kerala.     

Further, the state is also immensely blessed with nature which compels tourist to visit this beautiful land of diversity. Millions of tourist visit Kerala to enjoy its Ayurvedic resorts and centers. These ayurvedic centers offer you many herbal therapies and mild massages that will relax and rejuvenate your body, spirit and mind. To make your ayurvedic visit memorable and enjoyable, one should choose best resort for himself. Tourists from different corners of the world visit the state to grab best opportunity of treating themselves with the help of the oldest healing method. Ayurveda is the specialty of Kerala. Situated away from the city, these ayurvedic centers also provide immense peace and harmony to the tourist.

We all know that the wildlife in Kerala is flourishing day by day. Also, Kerala houses many incredible wildlife sanctuaries. Kerala is a treasure trove of many forests and mineral resources that manage the landscape, weather and soil-water regimes. Kerala wildlife sanctuaries are must-watch for all the tourists who are interested in an awesome view filled with rare species of animals with dark tropical forests. Kerala wildlife sanctuary houses animals like Asian Elephant, famous Bengal Tiger, wild Leopard, Nilgiri Tahr, Grizzled Giant Squirrel and many more. Kerala wildlife sanctuaries are truly some of the most splendid and diverse sanctuaries found, all over the globe. The land is a heaven for wildlife lovers.

So, it’s high time you enjoy the culture, wildlife and Ayurvedic centers of the state through Kerala tours. Wish you an incredible tour, ahead.     

Kerala Backwaters