**Warning: Minor Spoilers Ahead***

he return of South Park has a lot to offer. Social commentary and toilet humor have always been a staple of the series. However, the writing has gotten better and better over the years. The first episode of season 16, "Reverse Cowgirl" does not disappoint.

   After leaving the toilet seat up yet again, Clyde finds himself in a crises when his mother embarrasses him in front of his friends, only to end up falling into the toilet later on. The town is shocked by this turn of events and the government steps in to make things right. This is where "Reverse Cowgirl" makes its stance on big government known. Sometimes South Park episodes craft a very subtle message that takes the bulk of an episode to see, but this time around, an anti-big government stance is up front and center.

   When the TSA (Toilet Safety Administration) gets involved, life in South Park changes dramatically. People are so outraged by their lack of privacy that they let a shady lawyer get involved. The satire  of airport security is flawless. I have been through the Philadelphia, Newark and several other airport terminals. I must say that the personnel, as portrayed in this episode, were spot on. The emasculation and sense of powerlessness of the townsfolk is exactly the feeling one gets when walking through a security checkpoint at the airport.

   The episode also comments on the use of safety belts in cars and how the law takes away an individual's choice to be safe when driving. While I hate the idea of the government telling me whether I can choose to be stupid or not with my own safety, I also hate the idea of a projectile human flying through a windshield at me. The choice to be safe in this episode is far more outrageous.

   "Reverse Cowgirl" is a strong return for the series. It retains the outright hilarity of the best South Park has offered in the past. It begins with a strong story and ends with a funny twist, which is always my personal favorite type of ending on this show. I definitely recommend this episode and see a great season in our future.