Cheddar cheese on a slice of Apple Pie? Sauteed apples and onions together? Fried chicken and waffles? Some people hear any of these combinations and turn there nose up at them. Some people, like me, hear these and say mmmmm, mmm good! I live in Indiana, but I'm from North Carolina originally. I'm not saying Tarheels have a corner of the good food market, but we sure know whats taste's good. Un fortunatlly, what taste's good is not always good for you. So you have to be moderate in your savoring.

You cant talk about southern food without talking about GRITS!! Grits are the most misunderstood food I can think of. First of all, grits are delicouse! In most restaraunts, grits are served with your breakfast. You dont have to order them, it's understood that grits go with eggs, bacon, sausage, country ham, red eye gravy, fried bologna and biscuits. Most people dont know what grits are, to begin with. I actually had a person tell me they were ground up corn cobs! That sounds tasty, doesnt it? He was adamant too! He swore thats what they were. I tried to set him straight to no avail. Lets, let the secret out. Grits are nothing more than ground up CORN!! You get them at a mom and pop diner for $.99. You get them in a fancy restraunt, renamed polentia and they cost you $7.99. Slice the polentia, and fry it, then you have Mush! Mix them with flour, milk and eggs and you have Cornbread!

I think it's the name that scares people. Grits sound, well, like grits! They just know something that sounds like grits has to taste like grits. Fortunatlly they DO taste like grits. A little salt, pepper and real butter and I'm in heaven. But you can put anything you want on grits. Sugar, syrup, whatever you like. I'm not the grit police, here. Well, enough about grits. Hopefully I've opened some eyes.

When you are sitting there wondering what sounds good for supper tonite. Crack open a southern cookbook, the older the better. You'll find such wonderful recepes such as, Country ham and fresh biscuits. Catfish and Hushpuppies, Hobo Dinner, Sausage and Cornbread Pie and on and on. What ever you choose, you're in for some good eating. And Taste is what Counts!