If you are looking for something a little different to decorate your kid’s room this year, then check out the Southern Enterprises Floppy Dog Incredibed. 

These are really cool and kids just love them.  You can get this floppy dog bed with boy eyes or girl eyes, and they fit right over the twin or XL twin size box spring and mattress set.  You can also get optional soft bumper sheets to stop any falls if they are young.

Southern Enterprises Floppy Dog IncredibedCredit: Amazon.com

Floppy Dog Incredibed

You actually get a set of different eyes and hair that are Velcro, to change things up a bit and for more fun for the kids.  It is like taking an oversized stuffy to bed at night.

The incredibed bed cover is made from 100% plush and hypoallergenic fabric that is completely washable.

This is one way to set up a bed for your little one, you don’t need a bed frame, in actual fact you just need the mattress set (twin sized mattress and foundation mattress or box spring) and this fits quickly over it, and it comes with polyester pillows for the filling.

If you like the idea of something different, or something that will make a statement in your child’s room, then this would definitely do the trick.  Who can resist this floppy dog face?  Bed times might not be so bad now.  This would make a great “first bed” for kid’s venturing out into their own bedroom.

This is a great way to help them get to sleep in their very own room, and with the mattress and box spring (or foundation mattress) wrapped in this soft plush microfiber that resembles an oversized stuffy, it is exactly the right height and there are no frames to bump into!

This can be a problem with bed frames, and this will also stop the “hiding all my toys under the bed” routine.

If they have little friends over, they are going to want to hang out more in their room with their toys and their floppy dog incredibed.

So, if you are looking to create a soft, warm and safe feeling room, then consider decorating your child’s room in warm colours, have lots of storage bins for their toys, a great area for them to play  and colour and if you want a focal point, then do something with their bed.

There are no sharp edges on this bed as there can be with a traditional metal or wood framed bed, so no banging their heads in the night or stubbing their toes during the day.  It is all plush and soft.

You can also get these in other characters, but the Floppy Dog Incredibed is one of the most popular with kids from Southern Enterprises.   You can get these in some specialty kids furniture stores, but you can also get them online at sites such as Amazon. 

Shopping online is a great way to find a larger assortment, and most items are shipped right to your door, no need to spend the gas.  Have fun decorating your kid’s room!

Incredibed - Floppy Dog