Southern Florida is a major hub for many airlines. You can easily book a flight into Miami or Fort Lauderdale from anywhere in the United States. A flight to Southern Florida can often be found pretty inexpensively. A cheap Miami airline ticket can be used to get away fro a few days.

You may choose to get away from the snowy and dreary wintertime conditions where you are from, or you may choose to head to Miami for the warm summertime temperatures and to hang out on the beach with all of the bikini clad girls.

If you are willing to travel during the off-season and stay at a cheaper motel such as a Motel 6 or Days Inn, then you can experience an overall inexpensive Florida vacation.

To save money you can eat at hot dog stands and cheap diners instead of splurging to eat at expensive gourmet restaurants. Instead of spending money on "corking fees" at one of the many popular night clubs, you can choose to visit a small local bar and interact with the locals.

Many people who travel to Florida, whether for Spring Break or other reasons, often spend a lot of money in the State. With proper planning and mental restraint you can travel on vacation to Florida relatively cheap. Would you rather eat at a fancy restaurant in your hometown, or eat at an inexpensive and historic diner in Florida?

It is not how much you spend on a vacation that makes it exciting, it is the adventure of meeting new people and experiencing new places. You can choose a guided tour bus for Southern Florida travel which is a great way to meet new people and see a lot of new places without much hassle, but you may also choose to do an even cheaper vacation and travel on your own.

Southern Florida has so much to offer somebody who is on a budget vacation, regardless of the time of year.