Southwestern bracelets are a fun way to express your love for the desert and Native Americans. So what is the big deal about bracelets anyway?

The popularity of bracelets dates back to the ancient Roman era and still continues today. The patterns of most Roman earrings and necklaces were also shared with bracelets. Many ball earrings during that period were matched with a bracelet. Engraved snakes and bangles were also a fad during this time.

Some of the most popular Roman pieces include lion heads and the ‘Hercules’ knot bracelet. Southwestern bracelets are great ways for you to accessorize a plain and simple dress and add accent to your look. Whenever you are holding one of those Southwestern bracelets in Navajo style and at the same time appreciating its peculiar beauty, you are actually connection yourself to an old tradition that goes back decades ago.

Southwestern bracelets are usually distinguished with their fine domestic turquoise element. As archaeologists were able to excavate any of the pre Columbian neighborhoods, they found out some of the pioneering American jewelry artifacts. Some of the successfully dated items were made up of polished shells drilled for hanging (something that resembles earrings).Beaded Southwestern Bracelet

Along the southern end of New Mexico, scientists were able to dig out drilled turquoise tabs. There were also evidences found in Arizona and New Mexico revealing populations of bands of hunters and many farming bands.

Beads that were made out of stone and bones are linked to the Paleolithic culture. Scientists have produced strong evidences about people adorning themselves with necklaces and beads.

The farming communities in Arizona showed good evidence of a sophisticated irrigation system and product trade with communities as far as Mexico. Beads and ornaments were popular artifacts in these areas especially those areas near the coastlines.

From archaeological record, working shell and turquoise are considered as one of USA’s oldest forms of jewelries in the market. After a few years, bigger cities in Arizona and New Mexico began to grow along many religious sites and water courses.

Chaco Canyon is known as among the biggest excavations that features theSouthwestern Charm Bracelet greatest concentration for the ancient Anasazi culture. Chaco Canyon was once a thriving commercial town and as well as a religious center.

Trade was usually performed in between bands/tribes all the way into the heart of Mayan and Aztec communities. Wandering bands such as Navajos and the Comanches traded with the Anasazi ancestors of many pueblo nations today.

Jewelry making continued to flourish in the Southwest. The cultures and traditions of the Spanish and the Pueblos continued to dwell, technologies were shared and the indigenous alterations for metal continued to improve as the years have passed.

So whether you searching for big & heavy or light & sleek, bracelets come in a variety of Native American and modern style to best suit your needs. These bracelets are handcrafted only by the best silversmiths and craftsmen from many Indian tribes such as the Hopi, Zuni and Navajo.

Choose from among different Native American Southwestern bracelets such as inlaid bracelets, turquoise link bracelets, onyx bracelets, Indian bracelets, opal bracelets, and so much more! Your style is all about you so feel free to frolic along the various bracelet designs available today!