I bet you didn’t know that earrings have an interesting history. Legend has it that the first earrings made were actually used to guard the ears from pessimism and sickness. Thankfully, earrings have come a long way since then.

They are now a means of self-expression; they can convey charm, elegance, attractiveness, and other characteristics. You can find all that and more when you purchase a pair of Southwestern earrings.

These are fine ethnic inspired pieces, which trace their origin back to the jewelry of the Native American Indians. Southwestern jewelry is actually heavily influenced by the southwest Indian tribes. The Navajo jewelry is very highly rated, especially the necklaces, rings and earrings. Southwestern earrings incorporate traditional southwest gemstones such as turquoise, amethyst, malachite, and jasper.

However, the blue color turquoise is by far the gemstone of choice. Not to be left out, the green hued gemstone is also widely used. In traditional folklore, the turquoise is thought to bring good luck, and promote healing.

Southwestern Turtle Earrings

That’s probably the reason it is used so much in their jewelry. For those of you needing a look of elegance, there is a wonderful variety of Southwestern earrings that are made of turquoise and silver.

These are generally available in various styles and designs, and can add the touch of sophistication you will need on some occasions. The earrings are usually handmade, and each piece tends to be unique.

The silver earrings are sometimes decorated with other stones such as onyx, coral, pink shell, or gaspeite. If you prefer something that looks a bit more fun and flirty, there are other designs to choose from, such as the Handmade Multi Color Seed Bead Tassel Earrings.

That certainly is a mouthful, but it really gives you a good idea of what you are dealing with. Think fun and quirky. These Southwestern earrings give an expression of spring due especially because they use those warm spring colors like red, orange, yellow, blue, and green seed beads.Southwestern Dreamcatcher Earrings

Ear wires are used to complete the look. Ear wires are used a lot in southwestern earrings, especially when made for the more casual look. There are also casually elegant styles available in turquoise and silver, such as the southwest raindrop earrings.

It is set with glitter Lucite and the silver background makes it a stand out piece. The earrings are very intricately designed, delicate, and beautiful. It is possible to get Southwestern earrings online, but when purchasing make sure it is from a reputable source.

That way you will be sure that the piece is an authentic one. Nowadays, there is so much to choose from. The contemporary lines of Southwestern earrings which are now on the market feature a blend of ancient culture, and newer ideas.

These earrings are definitely one of a kind. Each one is designed using a different technique, and is therefore a unique expression of expert artisanship. The designs are skillfully made and very detailed. They will certainly make a very beautiful addition to your jewelry collection.