If you’re a little short on self-expression in terms of your clothing and accessories, then consider getting some Southwestern necklaces for sale. If you go for the bold chunky turquoise designs you are certain to get the confident look you’re searching for.

Never thought of expressing yourself with jewelry? Well you can, with these creative designs. These necklaces are made to fuse, culture, creativity, and knowledge, and are a great way for you to ‘glam up’.

The Southwest United States is home to multicolored landscapes, deserts, canyons and some of the nation’s best known parks. It is also home to rich, colorful culture that finds expression in arts and craft, of which jewelry making is best. Southwestern jewelry is influenced by the jewelry of the Native American tribes of the region. The pieces come in varying shapes, sizes and styles.

Contemporary designs are created by artisans out of New Mexico, Santa Fe, Arizona, the Southwest Desert region, as well as indigenous Navajo and Zuni craftsmen, (women too). So let’s look at what’s hot in Southwestern necklaces: Native American Southwestern Necklace

These necklaces, like most other Southwestern jewelry have turquoise as the material of choice, usually blue, but sometimes green. Some necklaces have large chunks, which are cut in such a way, that it brings out the lines and shapes of the gemstone.

Among the more contemporary pieces, are the gold and silver turquoise necklaces. The turquoise is beautifully set amidst the gold rim and has beads on either side. Other contemporary pieces are the multi-gemstone beaded necklaces.

These are beautifully designed, with great detail and can include any number of gemstones such as turquoise, azurite, or agate. Also very popular are the necklaces made of liquid silver strands.

Just in case you’re wondering, liquid silver is actually real sterling silver. It is just as shiny, but the strands are slender so they tend to look very delicate. When you have one of these around your neck it gives the neckline a clean sophisticated look.Beaded Southwestern Necklace

As you can well image, the combination of the turquoise and silver is simply gorgeous. The Native American influence can be seen in many Southwestern necklaces, including the distinctive squash blossom necklace.

This is considered a very traditional Southwest Indian jewelry design. The necklace has a beautiful crescent shape design, which is inlaid with turquoise. Southwestern necklaces are also available in a variety of choker necklaces.

These are handcrafted and made of natural gemstones and beads. They are available in various styles, and are inlaid with different gemstones such as pearl, amethyst, emerald, and of course turquoise. These chokers will definitely give the neckline an elegant look.

There are a range of Southwestern necklaces available, some are more suited for casual wear, but there are also very elegant pieces that can be used for formal wear. Many of those made of sterling silver have lustrous stones that make them very appropriate for such occasions.

These necklaces are a great investment, also just think of the compliments you’ll get when your friends see you in those chunky contemporary necklaces. Best of all they are available online, so you don’t even have to leave home to buy them.