Spas are gaining tremendously in popularity all over the nation as our country takes a dive deep into the sombre crevices of its newfound capitalist subculture, and trends in the furniture and equipment that make a spa successful and popular are oscillating between two pillars of distinction: tradition and technology.

While technological advancements in the 21st century has ensured that spa therapy reaches a peak it wouldn’t have dreamt of a few years ago, the fact remains that what calms people down and gives them an ambience of serenity is die-hard traditions pertaining to their culture that are hundreds, often thousands of years old.

As the owner of a spa, you should be concerned chiefly with your client’s physical and mental relaxation. To that end, the material you equip your spa with should encompass a possibly complex and versatile range of spa furniture that gives it the best of both worlds.

Here are some of the key categories furniture in your spa should fall into:

Massage Beds and Tables

While they might seem like the same thing, there is a world of difference between a massage table and a massage bed to a masseuse. This is because of the fact that the kind of equipment you need depends on the type of massage. For example, while most modern massage techniques go well with a massage bed, certain Greek and Ayurvedic massage techniques require the use of a table.

For a spa that offers massage to their clients, it is important that you have both. Our recommendation is that you purchase two massage beds, one for dry massages, and a multipurpose bed for both dry and wet massages. As far as tables go, it is best that you consult your team of therapists and ask if any of their services require the use of specific tables.

Massage Beds
Credit: Esthetica

Salon Furniture

Again, the distinction between tradition and technology is clear. However, note that a salon isn’t a place to relax – it is a place where you get things done. To that end, you could have your spa reflect the equivalent of a roman spa and feature marble or wooden salon spa furniture, but you’d be an anomaly; most salons today feature state-of-the art technology that involves electrically equipped chairs, latest developments in recliners, pedicure and manicure stations, as well as a host of other similar products that you can buy over the internet.

Salon Furniture
Credit: Esthetica

Trolleys and Stools

Useful especially for spas that have open spaces, since a few adequately placed stools would allow your clients to sit and relax as they walk around your spa enjoying themselves. In particular, dark wood stools are perfect for sitting in areas with high incidences of sunlight. Trolleys are useful so that you can bring food, essential oils, fragrances, and other therapeutic tools to your clients while they are sat at remote locations.

Spa Trolleys

Decoration Accessories

Although not a primary requirement, your decoration would significantly add to how easy it is for a person to relax in your spa. Most spas have themes that call for accessories of a specific genre.

Spa Decoration Accessories