From Massages to Facials: The Best Spa Choices in Indianapolis

IndianapolisCredit: wikimedia Commons: Public Domain

From time to time, we all need a little pampering.  A day just for ourselves to get our life in order and give our body some much needed attention.  But in Indianapolis, there are so very many choices.  How do we know the best spa to visit?  Well, the best spa for you could be different from the best spa for me.  Everyone has their own preferences and treatments that they prefer.

This article will concentrate on the best spas in Indy and give a short, summary explanation as to how they made the list.

Transformations Salon & Spa

This south side spa located on Madison Avenue has been voted Indy's Best Day Spa by the WRTV A-List for five years running.  If you want one a one stop spa that does just about everything, you may want to check them out.  Reasons for making the list:

  • Award winning spaPre-natal Massage: Excellent massage for the pregnant woman in her second or third trimester.  This gentle massage can help to relieve everyday discomforts and help release tension in the lower back and abdomen.
  • The Sea Escape Stone Facial and Body Treatment: Considered by many to be the ultimate spa experience, this treatment utilizes fresh European seaweed along with both hot and cold Sea Stones to give your face and body a complete uplift.  

Mango Bay Spa & Salon (W. 96th Street)

Their motto "Vacation is a State of Mind" pretty much says it all about this fun loving spa site.  Reasons for making the list include their variety of 'Body Excursions'.  Following are our personal favorites:

  • Salad Wrap: An organic treatment that uses some basic vegetables (pumpkin and artichokes to name two) to help your skin regain its tone, elasticity, and moisture.
  • Salt and Sand: A total body exfoliation treatment that will leave your skin shining.
  • Jet Lagged Legs: This treatment will help to improve circulation to your legs, and is great for anyone who has a problem with retaining fluid.  You'll want to go dancing when you finish.

Enroute Massage & Spa Ind (In the Indianapolis International Airport)

With two locations in the Indianapolis Airport, this spa makes the list for convenience sake alone.  If you don't have the time for a full day's pampering, try one of their 15 minute massages and give your day a lift.  They offer many mini-spa treatments, including manicures and pedicures, various massages, and cosmetic services.  A great way to spend a mandatory lay-over in Indy.

Massage iNDY

If you are looking for an excellent massage, look no further.  Massage is this spa's specialty.  In fact, their name says it all.  Reasons they made the list:

  • Walk-in massage availability: Great for those people who simply can't plan a day out week's in advance.  Simply walk in and get a great massage.
  • Thai Bodywork: A 25 minute treatment session that combines stretching and compressions to totally revive your body.  Fantastic option for stiff joints and muscles.

Studio 2000 Salon & Day Spa (on Monument Circle)

This spa is all about atmosphere.  If you are of the mindset that half the joy of a day spa is the decadent luxury of the spa itself, you owe it to yourself to check this one out.  This spa is located on the second floor of the Circle Tower.  Architects and historians have called this spa "the best surviving example of an original Art Deco interior in the world".  This spa offers a variety of treatments from facials to body wraps. Reason they made the list:

  • Their Art Deco "relaxation room." 

Mystique Salon & Day Spa (Rockville Road)

This spa is well known for its spa packages, varying in length from 2 hours to 7.  They also offer a wide scope of treatments and services.  If you want to pamper yourself from head to foot, this may well be the spa for you.  Reasons for making the list:

  • Hydrotherapy Sessions: Hour long treatment that allows you to soak in an oversized tub filled with a special blend of salts.  A great and relaxing way to re-mineralize your skin.
  • Empress for a Day Package: A day long, 7 hour package that includes everything from a full body massage right down to a catered lunch.  This package literally gives you a total makeover from a shampoo and style down to a make-up application.  Oh, and they also throw in a Mystique Signature Bathrobe!

If you are in the mood for a pampered day of relaxation and rejuvenation, check out one of these terrific spas.  Indianapolis has many other good salons to chose from as well, but these are simply this humble author's favorites.  And if you are looking for a great gift for that mother (or mother-in-law) that seems to have everything...well, a gift certificate for a day spa just may win you the most favored child status--at least for a day.  A day of pampering also goes a long way in saying a simple, I Love You, so they make a great Valentine's Day gift as well.  

So check out Spa Indianapolis...your body will thank you!