Situated in Centreville, VA and only half an hour away from Washington D.C., the country’s capitol, Spa World is an indulgence that is family-oriented, promotes beauty, life, health and leisure. Spa World is a biggest worldwide spa with a space of more than 50,000 sq. ft. It offers a technologically-enhanced, distinctive, complete service experience.

Spa World is open Mondays through Sundays and operates 24 hours a day. Unlike other spas, reservation is not required to enjoy their services; simply walk-in and the staff will be very happy to provide you your needs. However, it is necessary for a foot massage or body message service and a $25 deposit per person is mandatory. As for the body scrub, it is on a first come-first-serve basis.

Spa World - the Offer

Here is the list of the services you can find in there:

·         Fitness center
·         Body massage
·         Foot massage
·         Separated women and men’s selected resting room
·         7 poultice rooms
·         Bade swimming pools
·         Arcade
·         Nail Salon
·         Children’s play room
·         Gift shop
·         Body scrub
·         Designated smoking room
·         Restaurant or juice bar

Their 7 poultice rooms are in an area with a size of 7,800 sq. ft. Each room has cooled and heated floors that are made of Yellow Onyx stone. In addition, Spa World provides up to date water massage therapy called Bade Pool as well as several herb-themed baths for public use to help you give a new lease of life and unwind. So if you are looking for soothing swimming pools, Spa World is the place to go!

Their bade swimming pools include a basher wall, bench jet, wave jet, neck shower, floating, bubble jet, dream bath, and hydro jet that will surely invigorate and refresh your senses from head to toe.

The rates vary, depending on your age. The general admission includes a 24-hour use of their facilities such as the fitness center, bade swimming pools, sauna and 7 poultice rooms. Or, you can also become a Spa World member. You can choose from the 3 different memberships available which are Personal Member, Family Member and CorporatE Member. Personal Member is ideal for those who will often use the poultice rooms and sauna. Family Member is recommended for those who would like to use the facilities like bade swimming pools, sauna, etc.  with their family members. CorporatE Member is perfect for those who own a business and entertain their guests regularly.

The company has already been featured in The Washington Post, FOX 5,, Al-Arabiya TV and Express Newspaper. I will include here also a short fragment of one of the visitors review about his visit there in order to give you another hint about what the environment there is like:

Weirdest yet most strangely relaxing day in quite a while. Steps to enjoying your time at Spa World:
1. First and foremost get used to your birthday suit. Because you will be in it (and see a lot of unironed suits of elderly patrons)!! ...”

If you already have an experience there tell us about it in the comments section below and if not then go on and visit Spa World in Centreville Virginia, VA for an unique and hopefully enjoyable experience .