If you have broadband you probably have a home network to distribute your signal. In the past this would have been a wired network but in todays wireless world you are more likely to be wire free.

Now imagine that your television, your sound system, your games consul, your computer and even your mobile phone are all part of the network and can see each otheron the network to share media files wherever in the house they are located. Being fact not fiction this opens up a world of possibilities. With your computer as the central hub accessing the worldwide web in one room, you can send movies and TV programmes to your television, audio to your sound sytem and games to your consul regardless of where they are situated within your home. Interoperability is the new buzz-word in home entertainment.

With the latest technology known as DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) we are now moving one step closer to the wireless, automated, computer controlled home that once only featured in science fiction movies. No longer do you need to watch downloaded films on your computer monitor or connect your devices with a mass of cables. Move over HDMI, VGA and RGB because DLNA has arrived!

DLNA was first dreamed up and then developed, by an alliance of device manufacturers who realised that by putting their heads together they could produce devices that did more, were more compatible and interoperable. They speculated that if the devices can do more then the user experience will be that much more rewarding. We are not talking here about the little guys. We are talking about major players such as Sony, Acer, Toshiba and Canon. At the last count there were 7908 certified devices developed by 72 major manufacturers with more becoming available every day

The posibilities are endless and start with the internet as the easiest, largest and most economical source for your digital media content. You can get rid of your cable tv, throw out your radio, forget those cds and trash those set-top boxes. They are no longer needed. In todays' high speed broadband era, every item of entertainment you will ever need is available in streaming or downloadable format. From the highest quality through to widest choice - the digital world is yours for the taking. And all distributed around your home to exactly where required via your DLNA enabled device network.

With products already on sale that will satisfy everyone from the passionate enthusiast through to the ardent perfectionist, when it is time to trade in your old television for a new one, make sure that it says DLNA on the label!