Space Bag Product Review

Space Bags Vacuum Storage Bags

Space Bags have been around for years and the reason they have been around for years is because Space Bags work!

The image below shows six comfortors and blankets air sealed in Space Bags.

Space BagsCredit: Michelle Cesare's Photographs

Space Bags are affordable, durable, long-lasting and help you increase your storage space.  Space Bags fit under beds, coaches, dresser-draws kitchen and bathroom cabinets and of course top, sides or bottom of clothing closets.  The bags come in many different sizes to fit your needs but the size bags I speak of in this Space Bag product review are the travel size, small, medium and large size bags.  Space Bags do come in extra-large cube sizes too.

These vacuüm storage bags are perfect for people who live in a small areas OR have limited closet and storage space.  They are perfect to use when rotating clothing for seasonal use.  Store your Spring and Summer clothing in Space Bags to keep them safe while storing them away in a small designated area so you can have your closet space filled with your Fall and Winter clothing.  When Spring and Summer come around, store your Fall and Winter clothing in the vacuüm sealed bags so you open your closet space to use for your Spring and Summer clothing.  Rotation is key when people live in limited spaced areas.  Using vacuüm sealed storage bags not only help increase your living space but help you see exactly what you own and have instead of buying more clothing that you probably don't need.  Think about it, if you rotated your clothing about every six months, you would know exactly what you have available to wear.  This might sound like a no-brainer but how many times have you bought a piece of clothing that you realized weeks later you did not need YET?

Space Bags are not only used by people who want to increase their storage space.  People use them to store away materials in their basements or garages and they do so because Space Bags protect materials from different weather conditions.  They help protect material from moisture and air that can't cause mold and odors.  Extra large cubed sized Space Bags protect materials that you use occasionally not daily.

The Con's Of Space Bags

The only suggestion I can make is that the bags are NOT indispensable .  I ripped one large Space Bag while storing it in a top closet shelf.  I have wire shelving and there was a tiny piece of wire sticking out and at first I did not see it and the bag ripped and once ripped the vacuüm Space Bag is useless.  So do use a little caution when sliding bags into your storage space.

In the video demonstration I show you how easy and fast it is to store away a full size comforter into a Space Bag.  The full size comforter folded in the vacuüm sealed bag starts about 12 inches and when I vacuüm sealant the comforter flattens into about 2 inches.

Space Bag Video Product Review

Watch within a minute how you can compact 12-inches of material into 2-inches of space.

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