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There are many perks to using Huggable Hangers.  This is my product review of the Huggable Hangers.

The first perk to using Huggable Hangers is that you can increase your closet space by 25%.  I replaced all of my plastic and gift hangers (gift hangers are usually between an inch to two inches thick because someone usually makes gift hangers to give as a gift) with Huggable Hangers and increased my closet storage space by 25%.  Buying Huggable Hangers is an affordable and easy way to increase closet space.  In the image below you can see the 25% of space created in my closet and my shirts are not squeezed together.  They are hanging loose so they don't wrinkle.  I'm amazed by the space created when I switched over to Huggable Hangers. 

Huggable HangersCredit: Michelle Cesare's Photographs
In the next image you can see the difference in width.  The plastic hanger is obviously thicker and not necessary to hang shirts in a closet.  The skinnier the hanger the more space you create and the more room you have for your shirts to hang loosely.

Huggable Hangers(78630)Credit: Michelle Cesare's Photographs

Huggable Hangers don't create hanger bumps too.  In the image below I placed an ordinary plastic hanger over a Huggable Hanger and as you can see the Huggable Hanger is wider in the neck and shoulder area and is at least an inch wider in length.  This is good because the Huggable Hanger does not create hanger bumps on your shirts.  The shoulder of the shirt is more fitted to the Huggable Hanger and the shirt stays more flat and neat without hanger bumps to create.

Huggable HangerCredit: Michelle Cesare's Photographs

In the next picture I have a sweatshirt hanging on a plastic hanger.  The plastic hanger does not fill into the shoulder area of the sweatshirt and causes hanger bumps to create.  I've always found this to be annoying but since I've been using the Huggable Hangers I don't have the problem of hanger bumps anymore.

Huggable Hangers(78635)Credit: Michelle Cesare's Photographs

In the next picture I have the sweatshirt hanging on a Huggable Hanger.  The sweatshirt shoulder area is filled with the Huggable Hanger and if you look more closely, you can see the bumps in the sweatshirt caused by the plastic hanger that was not long enough to fill in the shoulder area of the sweatshirt.  Huggable Hangers keep shirts more neat compared to universal plastic hangers and help to prevent hanger bumps to create on your shirts.

Huggable Hangers(78636)Credit: Michelle Cesare's Photographs

The Cons

I can't think of anything negative to say about the Huggable Hangers.  I bought a package of a hundred and using them has increased my closet space while keeping my shirts more neat and less wrinkled without causing hanger bumps.

I give Huggable Hangers an A +.  Definitely worth the purchase.

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Increase Closet Space By 25%

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