Converting your loft or basement to expand accommodation? You may think that the task is easy, that is, until you can't seem to find the space to put in one of the most important part of the room: the stairs. Now, everything seemed to be so small. The solution: installing a space saver staircase. As compared to traditional, grand staircases, contemporary space saver staircase takes the very least of the space in a room so you could have the rest of the area for furniture and other more important details. But what makes a stair a space saving stairs?

Here are some tips in choosing the perfect space saver staircase to create the perfect, functional space in your humble abode.

Space Saving Stairs: What are My Options?

How about a pull down ladder? They sure would save a lot space! Unfortunately, a pull down ladder is not categorically a staircase. And, when you've been to a number of old cabins complete with an attic, you know that this is not basically a safe choice. Old pull down ladder tends to just go loose with time. If you have kids in your home, you certainly don't want them hanging around it - literally. Here are some of your safe and sturdy options.

Spiral staircase. With its tapering tread and narrow diameter, a spiral staircase is the ultimate among all space saver staircases. Though it may not be the most comfortable staircase available, it looks sleek and stylish especially if you opt for a clean finish. A spiral staircase is perfect for creating mezzanines and attic bedrooms. Want a low maintenance option? Clean and stylish, wood treads are simply your best partner when you just can't find time to polish the stairs.

Alternating tread stairs. Also known as Lapeyre ®, alternating tread stairs are prefabricated metal stairs that utilize platform systems for easier construction and installation. Often seen in industrial and commercial spaces, alternating tread stairs are now being used to create a "barn" ambiance. Especially recommended for those with mezzanine floors, alternating tread stairs allow a comfortable face-forward descent and even roof access. The perfect option if you have a really small space to spare for your staircase, a Lapeyre ® offers the most comfortable and safe descent even at the steepest angle.

Floating stairs. While this type is usually used as an accent to most luxury model homes, floating stairs could be the stylish choice among all available space saving stairs. While you may see those a number of floating stairs with "invisible" guard rails, most floating stairs installed in real houses are just a series of tread platforms minus the hand rails. Floating stairs are the perfect option if you want to have that clean, minimalist feel. But before spending some real cash on this type, you may want to ask the management if you are living on an apartment. A number of building codes require both hand and stair railings. It may look stylish but if the local government does not permit it, then you would want to limit your choices with a spiral staircase or alternating tread stairs.