Storage has always been a problem. Space saver vacuum bags were made to help reduce the required storage space. These bags are multi layered because of which they are durable and reusable. They come in cheap and superior quality. The concept behind this bag is that after putting items in the bag you can either roll it or press it to get the extra air out. The volume is reduced to up to 75%. Once compressed, the items stay that way in the bag until you open the bag. A vacuum needed to be used in older space bags to be able to take the air out. This was used more for storing larger items in the house like beddings. If you wished to use it then you had to have a vacuum on your return journey too so that you do not end up with excess baggage.

Gone are the days when one was forced to pack less. Now with the space saver vacuum bags you do not have to have access to a vacuum. It is all automated. Simply put the clothes in and either roll them up or press to get the air out. They are not only meant for beddings but for clothes too. Packing for travel has become a lot more convenient. The best part is that they are water and air tight therefore providing protection from mild dew, insects, dirt and moisture. The Space Bags are also leak proof and water resistant.

These bags are like large bags which are thicker and heavier (patented strips that are static combined with thicker material is used). There is a valve located at the bottom of the bag which is one way for removal of air. The top of the bag resembles a zipper baggie. There is a stop line about four inches down which run across the entire width of the bag. Lay the bag down on a flat surface and then fill them with clothes till you reach the stop line. Seal the bag like you would seal a zipper baggie, roll like a mat so that the air is pushed to the bottom from where it will find it's way out through the valve. You can see and hear this happening. The only thing is, do not forget to carry the steam iron along. This will be required as the clothes get wrinkled.

If you are interested in purchasing these easy to use bags, you could take a look at the Spacebags site and purchase the space saver vacuum bags from there. These bags can be used as duffel, gym or back pack bags. They are great for diapers as well. They have a great offer going too, where if you buy one 3 set bag you get 2 sets for free. The bags can be taken for vacations, water sports, if you are planning on going hiking or trekking and they are good for plane journeys as well. The bags are available as push out bags, roll bags or hanging bags.