Space Saving Tips

In a life that’s so fast paced we’re caught up indulging vast amounts of information, buying the latest unnecessary gadgets and pack-ratting everything we own. Einstein once said “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.” While these tips are geared toward your household they are not limited only to your room or desk but to all areas of life.

Keep It Simple

Throw out the unnecessary items including clothes you don’t use, furniture that serves absolutely no purpose (aesthetically pleasing is a purpose,) and materials that have been worn-out to the point of uselessness. If you think the occasion to use them will come in the distant future put it in storage in the attic, closet, or lend it to a close friend. Rearrange your furniture with the purpose of maximizing your available space for your room. You want to able to see the walls, have space to walk, and most importantly breathe.


Utilize everything you have to the best of its ability. If you’re looking to utilize your space, look for furniture to do just that such as High Sleeper Beds. Plan out how you would like your ideal room to look like in order to give you the peace of mind you deserve whenever you walk into it. If you can’t utilize an object to achieve any purpose in your room then you might as well sell it or give it away.


Clean your room periodically! Every time you feel like your room is getting too messy schedule a day to revamp it. You could use an approach to cleaning similar to mine. What I do is remove all the sheets, bed covers, chairs, items in my room then place them all in another room. This way I have an almost empty room to then devise my plan of action towards tackling the endeavor. Once I sweep and mop the floor, I can continue adding the rest of my thingamajigs and doodads back into my room little by little in a neat order. Afterwards, having accomplished all I could to make my room simpler, I can sit back in my chair, be happy with the work I’ve done and no longer have to worry about a room that doesn’t feel like a retreat to a vacation.


Besides the common yet crucial and basic knowledge I have provided above, there are more practical ideas you can apply to saving space in your room without all the clutter and confusion. Here are a list of tips I have learned of that will hopefully be helpful to you now or sometime in the near future.

Windows and Shelves

  • Insert glass counters across deep-set windows.
  • Put a low bookcase below windows.
  • Keep window treatments such as curtains simple.
  • Add ledges above doorways
  • Align furniture and decorations to avoid blocking views of windows and doors.
  • Build a window seat with a lid to store items beneath.
  • Build ledges around a window.
  • Line a room up by positioning shelves high and around the wall.
  • Place shelves up to the ceiling.


  • Use a chest or an ottoman with storage inside as a coffee table.
  • Put low bookcases along a sofa back: they'll double as a sofa table.
  • Utilize a wicker hamper as both a table and storage space for blankets.
  • Purchase a coffee table containing a drawer for remotes
  • Buy a magazine rack or stack magazines in flat-bottom baskets underneath a console or coffee table.

Walls and Flooring

  • Keep the flooring throughout a small space the same for visual continuity.
  • Stretch your space to the outdoors by making a patio or deck comfortable and welcoming.
  • Line a hallway with bookshelves.
  • Carve out shallow display space between wall studs.
  • Use fewer, larger pieces of furniture and accessories to reduce visual clutter.
  • Take advantage of wasted space with corner bookcases.
  • Think monochromatic.
  • Eliminate obstructions: the further you can see into and through a space, the larger it'll seem.
  • Banish room-darkening shadows with additional light fixtures.

Chairs and Beds

  • Place a large bucket for magazines next to your favourite chair.
  • Choose sofas and chairs with plain or textured upholstery rather than vibrant prints.
  • Choose to buy convertible sofa beds for any guests you might have.
  • Using a 6%20Pocket%20Bedside%20Storage%20Mattress%20Book%20Remote%20Caddy<img%20src="" target="_blank">pocket bedside storage.
  • Placing any items underneath your bed.
  • Have an extra mattress underneath your bed.